JetBlue’s 1st European Flights From Boston

Although slightly delayed, JetBlue’s next UK route, from Boston to London Gatwick, will take off soon. It’ll be its third route to Europe. It’ll join JFK to Heathrow, which started in August 2021, and JFK to Gatwick, which began a month later. JetBlue is rapidly preparing for its first transatlantic service from Boston.

Boston to London begins in August

JetBlue will take off from Boston to Gatwick on August 4th, one week short of the first anniversary of JFK to Heathrow. Operating 1x daily, it’ll use its only aircraft type for transatlantic service: the A321LR. These have just 138 seats. There are 24 fully flat Mint beds, 24 Even More Space seats, and just 90 seats in regular economy.


JetBlue’s 1x daily Boston-Gatwick service is scheduled as follows, with all times local. Notice the schedule inconsistency, mainly due to the lack of slots at Gatwick. It has a block time to the UK of 6h 58m and either 7h 47m or 7h 48m back; I like the coincidence of the aircraft codes.

  1. Boston to Gatwick: B62104, Mon, Fri: 18: 42-06: 40 + 1; rest of week: 18: 37-06: 35 + 1
  2. Gatwick to Boston: B61926, Sat: 10: 50-13: 37; Sun: 11: 50-14: 37; Mon, Wed: 12: 15-15: 02; Tues, Thu, Fri: 12: 25-15: 13

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Gatwick-Boston has had much airline service over the years. Since 1990, it has seen Northwest, Virgin, American, and Delta, with Northwest / Delta because of the Bermuda II agreement that kept them out of Heathrow. Most recently, it was served. by Norwegian between March 2016 and March 2020, with up to a 1x daily B787-9 operation.

JetBlue started at Heathrow last August. Photo: JetBlue.

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Four JetBlue London routes

Joining Gatwick-Boston will be Heathrow-Boston, taking off from the US on September 20th. Also operating 1x daily, it’ll leave for the UK shortly before its departure to Gatwick. It’ll be the sixth airline on Heathrow-Boston, joining American, British Airways, Delta, United, and Virgin. United resumed the route in April this year.

JetBlue will have four London routes and 4x daily flights. However, come October 29th, the last day of the aviation summer season, there will be 5x daily. Critical in this was receiving winter slots at Heathrow and JFK-Gatwick doubling to 2x daily.

  1. JFK-Gatwick: 1x daily (2x daily from October 29th)
  2. Boston-Gatwick: 1x daily
  3. Boston-Heathrow: 1x daily
  4. JFK-Heathrow: 1x daily

Despite starting less than a year ago, UK fares are already considerably above the airline’s distance adjusted average. This may spur it into launching more UK or wider European routes. Image: RDC Aviation. To find out more about RDC’s data, click here. To make an enquiry, click here.

4% of London-US flights

OAG estimates 16,604 flights from London to the US this winter, but that doesn’t include Norse Atlantic. While Norse will begin Gatwick-JFK on August 12th, originating in Oslo and serving the route on a fifth freedom basis due to traffic rights, it’s That’s because Gatwick-JFK (and future routes) will shift to its new UK subsidiary, Norse Atlantic UK, but it hasn’t yet received its air operator’s certificate.

JetBlue’s 5x daily London flights mean it’ll have about 4% of the enormous market. It is, of course, very heavily dominated by British Airways (37% of winter flights), American (18%), United (18%), Virgin (15%), and Delta (10%). TUI, which serves Gatwick-Melbourne Orlando, has just two winter flights (November 1st and 8th) before the route returns next summer.

Have you flown JetBlue to Europe? If so, let us know your experience in the comments.

Information about RDC Aviation’s data can be found here. To make an enquiry, click here.

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