How to Purchase Cheaper Airplane Tickets

Travels give us all a chance to earn some unforgettable moments. The mere process of purchasing plane tickets can be a special happening itself.

It usually causes positive feelings such as excitement and luck, but it can also sometimes cost us time, money, and nerves. The prices of airplane tickets are subject to constant changes and we have all been in the temptation to “wait for tomorrow” and try and get cheaper versions. Unfortunately, there is no exact answer to when is the very best time to buy a ticket for a specific flight. Nevertheless, there are certainly some tips and tricks that can help you get cheaper flights in general. And when we talk about tips, who is better to give them out than John Pentin, chief editor of the sporting tipping site!

Plan Ahead

The first and the core piece of advice you will get from any experienced traveler is to always plan your journey ahead as early as possible. Ideally, you want to plan a trip six months earlier. Three months can also do the job but, of course, the earlier you buy your tickets, the cheaper your prices will be. Nowadays, there are so many cheap airplane companies such as Wizzair or Ryanair that can take you from one part of Europe to another for as little as $15 if you buy your tickets on time.

On Flexible

Besides early planning, it is in your best interest to be as flexible as you can when it comes to your travel. What does this refer to? Airline companies often offer significantly cheaper prices for specific days and you want to adjust your plans according to these days. For example, let’s say you have planned to visit California on June 15th. However, you see a special discount on the price for flights for Los Angeles on June 13th specifically. This is where your flexibility comes in handy and saves your wallets. If you can then move your journey to June 13th and get a way lower price for your plane ticket, you can spend that extra cash on anything you want upon arriving at your destination. To make the long story short, always make sure to check the prices and the flight schedule for two or three days around your desired day for going on the trip.

Buy on weekends & choose the best days for trips

Did you know that you can regularly get cheaper plane tickets if you make the purchase on the weekends? This is at least the case for most airline companies. To be more specific, you can normally get the cheapest ticket prices if you buy on Sundays (in most cases). The savings can be as big as 40%. Similarly, it is important to mention that the tickets are usually the most expensive on Thursdays and Fridays. On another note, not only the days of purchase are important in this manner. You can also save at least 10% of your money if you plan to travel on Thursdays or Fridays. To sum it all up, never buy tickets on Thursdays or Fridays, you should instead use these days to travel.

Search for tickets in different places

This is another pretty common piece of advice. If you have time, you should check as many flight “searchers” as possible. The more of these you check, the higher the chance of you finding the cheaper prices will be. Besides checking the official websites of distinct airline companies, you should also try popular “flight searchers” such as or While searching, you will want to use the “Incognito” mode on your phone or laptop because this way you can avoid the flight suggestions based on your web browsing history.

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