How to date on vacation

Connect over your interests

Bike rides, street food tours, wine tastings — vacations are a time to dive into your hobbies and interests. When you’re on that architecture tour of the historic district, don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to others in the group. After all, you already have one thing in common if you’re on the same excursion. Bumble is also making it easier to encourage meet-cutes with their IRL events around the country. For those who always sneak cultural sightseeing into the itinerary, there is arranged access to a museum after dark. Or if you enjoy a live show, RSVP to some of Live Nation’s coolest concerts. And with perks like drink vouchers and free tickets, it’s hard to say no.

Enjoy happy hour at a hostel

There’s something about a hotel bar that makes people eager to chat with strangers. Hotel bars are one spot, but hostel bars? Now that’s a definite place to meet people. Just secure a seat, order a drink, and open yourself up to a conversation. Ask the person to your left where they’re visiting from or talk to the bartender about their favorite local spirits. You can even seek out hostels that are more social in nature. And if all else fails, don’t forget to check out some of the happy hour events hosted by Bumble.

Don’t shy away from dating apps

Maybe it’s the excitement of being in a new place that makes you want to let your (romantic) guard down, but there’s never a better time to swipe than on vacation — it’s a surefire way to connect with new people. To encourage a response to your first message, sneak in a mention of your length of stay or highlight a few wishlist-worthy experiences on your itinerary. You can even plan dates ahead of arrival by using Bumble’s premium feature, Travel Mode. Or, if you’re looking for a plus one at an upcoming destination wedding, add the “Looking For a Wedding Date” badge on your profile before you start swiping. The best part about using dating apps on a trip? There isn’t any pressure to turn a one-time hang into something more if you don’t feel a spark.

Don’t be a stranger

Any easy way to meet people on vacation is to simply strike up a conversation. Whether you start chatting with the person sitting next to you on the plane or the waiter at dinner about something more than the day’s specials, there are endless opportunities to spark a romance. Take your morning coffee, for example: If you happen to go to the same cafe every morning, you’re likely to run into a local that frequents the same spot. Make the first move and see where that takes you. If you’re a bit timid or there’s a major language barrier, you can always fall back to swiping on Bumble. Try putting a cheeky note in your bio that you’re looking for a private tour of the city to open up an exchange. More often than not, a conversation can lead to swapping Instagram handles, and at the very least, a slew of local, under-the-radar recommendations.

Go where the expats eat and drink

Expats can be some of the most outgoing and vocal people you’ll meet on a trip. They’re usually the first person to spill all of their crazy travel stories (especially if you’re at a bar) and may hang out at specific spots when they’re craving a sense of comfort. To get a feel for where the expats go, talk to people at your hostel, look at Facebook groups, and read travel threads on Reddit. Being in a familiar setting surrounded by people from the same place means you’re bound to mingle and make friends, and maybe even turn a conversation into something more.


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