Davis Takes Home Silver Medal In BIP Volleyball Global Challenge

STORRS, Conn. – UConn rising senior Jasmine Davis will be returning to UConn with a silver medal and a handful of memories after having played in the 16th Annual Global Challenge as part of BIP Volleyball.

BIP volleyball also known as Bring it Promotions is a full-service volleyball travel agency which specializes in international volleyball tours and events. Since 1996 BIP has been partnering with volleyball programs at every level in managing tours to destinations like Europe, Asia, South America, and Central America combining competitive volleyball with sightseeing and cultural activities. BIP’s mission also includes community service and empowerment.

“We are thrilled that Jasmine had the opportunity to play with BIP in the global challenge in Pula, Croatia. She has dreams and aspirations to take her playing career to another level and compete professionally. Having her get this kind of exposure to the style, the travel, and the people is a great warm up to what it will feel and look like when she does make that step. This is the first UConn volleyball player to ever participate in something like this and we hope it isn’t our last! ” Stated UConn coach Ellen Herman-Kimball.

Davis was part of a team that featured college athletes from across the country. Teams from the Czech Republic, England, Israel, and Hungary were all apart of the Global Challenge. Davis’ team reached the championship game and would end the challenge with a silver medal.

“My experience in Croatia was like no other. I would describe it as a learning experience to grow as a volleyball player and as a person. This experience gave me the opportunity to travel the world and to play competitive volleyball from teams all around the globe . My favorite part about meeting teammates was even though I had just met these girls during my time there, it did not feel like that at all. We played in the tournament like a team who has been playing with each other for years and have known each other for years and we did everything together, “said Davis.

“These girls will always be in my heart and because of this experience in Croatia we will always be connected. My favorite thing about playing was playing against different teams from different countries and getting that exposure to the different styles of play. Also, I might add, doing very well in the tournament and getting a silver medal was a great moment too. I would have to say that playing overseas is a different type of volleyball and I absolutely loved it !! I wish it never ended !! “

As Davis returns home, she will look to take all that she has learned during her brief time with BIP volleyball and apply it to her upcoming senior season. The rising senior will look to lead the Huskies following a successful junior campaign in which they Huskies made the NIVC final four.

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