Amsterdam Asks American Airlines To Stop Selling Tickets For Most Of July

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport requested American Airlines stop selling tickets on flights that depart from this hub as it tries to cope with the summer chaos, which has led to queues, delays, and cancellations all over Europe.

Don’t sell tickets

On Wednesday, American Airlines told its employees it will pause ticket sales on flights that depart from Schiphol from July 7 to July 31, at the airport’s request.

During this timeframe, given the number of confirmed tickets already sold, American Airlines is no longer selling more seats.


According to Cirium, American Airlines operates two daily flights from Amsterdam. It goes to Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) and Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW). It sells around 3,633 seats each week between these two routes.

Amsterdam Schiphol has set a maximum number of passengers that can depart from the airport each day for this summer. In August, that number will be 73,000 passengers (a number higher than in July).

The airport has informed airlines and travel organizations that there are around 13,500 locally departing passengers too many each day. By August, it will be about 1,000 passengers too many.

Amsterdam has requested American Airlines to stop selling tickets departing from the hub in July. Photo: Getty Images.

Others could follow

Not only American Airlines will limit the number of daily passengers departing from Schiphol. According to the report, more airlines could follow; as we have seen, the Dutch airport has too many departing passengers this month, and something has to be done.

Others are moving away from Amsterdam amid flight chaos. At least three airlines have shifted away from the hub. Air Malta and Corendon Airlines have already transferred several scheduled flights to Rotterdam The Hague Airport; Transavia has canceled over 200 flights and rebooked at least 70% of its affected passengers through several other airports such as Brussels, Eindhoven, and Rotterdam. TUI fly Netherlands has moved part of its operation to Rotterdam and Li├Ęge Airport.

Patricia Vitalis, director of Airport Operations & Aviation Partnerships at Royal Schiphol Group, said,

“All efforts are focused on keeping the consequences for travelers to a minimum. For July, most airlines and travel organizations have indicated that, after making some adjustments, the large majority of passengers will be able to go on holiday. We are grateful for the tremendous effort by partners, passengers, and our colleagues that was needed to make this happen. “

American Airlines operates two daily flights from Amsterdam. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying.

Amsterdam – the cover of this chaotic season

In Europe, the security queues snaking out of the terminal at Schiphol airport have made headlines. Amsterdam has become the picture boy of a chaotic summer season in which the airline and airport industry seemed to be totally unprepared for an abrupt recovery in demand.

The European industry is facing staff problems in particular. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, many airlines and airports furloughed personnel and now are struggling to bring them back at the pace they would love to.

Virginia Lee, a spokesperson for the Airport Council International (ACI) Europe, recently said that it can take up to six months to hire and credential a new employee at some European airports.

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Source: The Points Guy.

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