Aer Lingus & British Airways Drop Numerous Weekend Flights

On Sunday, July 3rd, 2022, several flights were completely dropped last minute to and from Dublin, Ireland. Both Aer Lingus and British Airways have temporarily suspended multiple operations in Dublin. The suspensions come after a weekend of delays and cancellations. Meanwhile, Ireland must prepare for more disruptions as a massive strike is scheduled for later this month.

Canceled flights

Multiple flights have been completely canceled at Dublin International Airport (DUB) today. So far there are no rescheduled flights to replace them. Aer Lingus has suspended four flights departing Dublin, and five inbound flights. British Airways has also suspended one inbound flight.


British Airways has canceled a flight from London to Dublin this Sunday. Photo: Denver International Airport

Aer Lingus suspended flights from Dublin to Milan, Lyon, Amsterdam, and London. Aer Lingus also suspended inbound flights to Dublin including two flights from Lyon, a flight from London, a flight from Lisbon, and a flight from Amsterdam. British Airways flight BA830 with service from London LHR to Dublin has also been canceled.

The past weekend was filled with delays and cancelations revolving around this airport. It is believed that staffing shortages, as well as strikes, have all played a role in the never ending string of cancellations. These delays led thousands of weekend travelers to adjust their travel plans.

Other airlines

Over the weekend several other airlines also felt the sting of delays. Ryanair is an Irish-based airline that has recently been notified of a twelve-day strike of Spain-based crew members. The crew members who plan to strike are calling for better working conditions. The airline noted that no disruptions in flight services will occur in Dublin due to these strikes.

However, these strikes tend to have a ripple effect through an airline, which raises concern regarding the near future of air travel in Ireland. Ryanair addressed these concerns by stating,

“As a result of minor and poorly supported union led strikes in Spain and we do not expect any disruption to Irish flight schedules in July (12th-28th) as a result of such poorly supported Spanish labor strikes”

Between July 12th and 28th, multiple strikes are scheduled across ten different Spanish airports. The airline denies that this will have any further effect on Ireland’s air travel. Yet history shows us just how interconnected every element of an airline is.

Global shortages

When the pandemic caused countries to close their borders in 2020, international air traffic ceased to exist. With travel, restrictions lifted, demand has returned stronger than before. The airline industry has felt shortages in staff all around the world. From baggage handlers to pilots, airlines are in desperate need of additional qualified employees.

Aer Lingus has had multiple cancellations due to staffing shortages. Photo: Getty Images

Workers see this and have responded with strikes. Now that each worker is worth more to a company, they are refusing to work without better pay and benefits. This has caused massive disruptions across the entire industry. Even without the strikes, airlines are hurting to obtain a sufficient number of qualified workers. These shortages are reportedly the primary cause of the disruptions to air travel in Dublin.

Several flights have been canceled both into and out of Dublin International this Sunday following a weekend of disruptions. The root cause of these disruptions is pointed at the global staffing shortage. The country must also prepare for more potential disruptions with the massive strikes set to take place in Spain of Ryanair crew members.

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Source: Dublin Live

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