10 Best Brett Goldstein Roles, According To IMDb

Brett Goldstein, known to many as the grumpy but lovable Roy Kent in Ted Lassomade his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Hercules in a mid-credit scene in Thor: Love and Thunder.

Goldstein, who won the Emmy Award for outstanding supporting actor in a comedy series for Ted Lasso, has been well-known as a comedy writer and performer in the United Kingdom for a number of years. As an actor, he has been in projects ranging from independent short films and a spoof of Tony Stark in an animated series to an Emmy-winning streaming series.


10 Thor: Love And Thunder (2022) – 7.1

In Theaters Now

Brett Goldstein is playing Hercules

Thor’s retirement is stopped by Gorr the God Butcher, who wants gods to be extinct, so Thor gets the help of ex-girlfriend Jane Foster, Korg, and Valkyrie. Goldstein plays Hercules in the mid-credit scene.

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While Goldstein as Hercules only shows up for the short scene, this will be the setup for a much bigger conflict in the next Thor movie. The fact that Zeus is implied to want revenge for being defeated by Thor with the assistance of his son di lui Hercules seems to indicate a much bigger role for Goldstein in the MCU. Hercules has a long history in the Marvel comics, which offers plenty of possibilities for future storylines.

9 The Rope (2005) – 7.3

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Brett Goldstein in The Rope

In this short, a woman (Natasha Wightman) awakes on the pavement unable to move because she is tied to the back of a man (Goldstein) she is unable to see. Then the man drags her away from her.

This short doesn’t showcase Goldstein as much as Wightman, but it does show his physicality that he can play a part where he is tied to someone the entire time he is on screen. It’s interesting to see how far Goldstein has come, going from small nonspeaking parts to lead roles. The role is an odd one in that it’s very different from the roles he would play later on.

8 Catherine Tate’s Nan (2015 -) – 7.6

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Brett Goldstein and Catherine Tate as Nan

In this comedy series, Catherine Tate (also known for playing Donna Noble in Doctor Who) plays Nan, an aggressive old woman who lives in a flat in London. While Goldstein is a regular writer for the series, he makes an on-screen appearance in the episode “Nanger Management” as Johnathan, a man whose wife is having an affair and are in couples counseling.

Goldstein plays the straight man in his scenes, while Tate handles much of the comedy, as she is mistaken for the couple’s therapist. Goldstein is very good at keeping a straight face as Tate talks about things like complaining about how big his eyebrows are. Being a good convincing straight man in comedy can be difficult because it needs to be believable and they can’t start to laugh and break character, but Goldstein excels at this.

7 Common Ground (2013 -) – 7.6

Currently Unavailable To Stream In The US

UK Series Common Ground

Common Ground is a series of 11-minute comedy shorts done in documentary style following different characters. Goldstein is featured in the episode “Fergus & Crispin,” which is about two posh failing entrepreneurs Crispin (Tom Palmer) and Fergus (Tom Stourton). Goldstein plays Lawrence, a man who is friends with Crispin’s girlfriend, Emma, ​​and to whom he gets close.

Goldstein only has a small role in the short, however, this is another showcase for him in short comedy. The role is also similar to what happened in season one of Ted Lasso when Goldstein’s Roy Kent ends up in a love triangle with Keeley Jones and Jamie Tartt. This is interesting, as Common Ground came out several years before Ted Lasso.

6 Robot Chicken (2001-) – 7.7

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Brett Goldstein in Robot Chicken

Robot Chicken is a stop-motion comedy sketch show that covers pop culture. Goldstein appears as Tony Stark in the episode “May Cause Light Cannibalism.”

Although Goldstein only says a few lines in the sketch, he does an American accent and plays a Marvel character before he is due to as Hercules. It would be interesting for fans to see Goldstein play an American again but in live-action. He also exhibits anger similar to how he sometimes does as Roy Kent in Ted Lasso.

5 Uncle (2012 – 2017) – 7.8

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Brett Goldstein in Uncle

An immature nonprofessional musician named Andy (Nick Helm) reluctantly takes care of his nephew. Goldstein plays Casper, Andy’s romantic rival for Gwen.

This is another role like Ted Lasso for Goldstein where his character is involved in a love triangle. Also similar is that he ends up with Gwen and becomes friends with Andy similar to how Roy Kent ended up with Keely and became friends with Jamie. Also interesting in this series Goldstein sings and plays the electric guitar which shows his different talents by him.

4 Derek (2012 – 2014) – 8.1

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Brett Goldstein on Derek

Derek is about a nursing home assistant who sees the good in people. Goldstein plays Tom, the romantic interest of Hannah (Kerry Godliman) the hotel manager.

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Goldstein’s Tom and his relationship with Hannah are almost as central to the series as Derek (Ricky Gervais) himself. They go through all kinds of ups and downs from their meeting to a miscarriage to their wedding. This shows Goldstein’s talent for playing a complicated love story, something that he excels at with this and other roles such as Roy Kent.

3 Claudia O’Doherty Comedy Blaps (2013 -) – 8.2

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Brett Goldstein on Comedy Blaps

O’Doherty plays a fictionalized version of herself, as one of Australia’s busiest and most serious actors and millennial illusionist comes to the UK to make online videos for her family’s travel agency. Goldstein plays Simon, a time expert.

Goldstein demonstrates his ability as a comedy straight man again. Not breaking character as Simon while O’Doherty flirts with him and makes him feel uncomfortable. Although Goldstein doesn’t get to be that funny, he supports O’Doherty’s comedy di lei in his reaction di lei to her attraction di lei to him.

2 Doctor Who (2005 -) – 8.6

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Brett Goldstein on Doctor Who

Doctor Who is a long-running series that follows the Doctor, an alien traveling through space and time in the TARDIS. Goldstein appears in the episode “The Tsuranga Conundrum” as Astos, the chief medic.

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Although Goldstein has only a small role in the episode, his character challenges the Doctor for being selfish, which allows him to stand out somewhat. Not all side characters call out the Doctor, so it seems significant. Now that Goldstein is a more prominent actor, perhaps he could guest star in a bigger role in Doctor Who at some point.

1 Ted Lasso (2020 -) – 8.8

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Ted Lasso is about an American football coach who goes to London to be the manager of the struggling AFC Richmond. Goldstein plays Roy Kent, the captain of AFC Richmond in season 1 and then a coach in season 2.

Goldstein’s Roy Kent is a very memorable character in the series. Although on the surface he is rough around the edges, his growing romance di lui with Keeley and his surrogate parenting of his niece, Phoebe, show his softer and more compassionate side di lui. His rivalry di lui with Jamie Tartt is also memorable, as they not only both want Keely, but Roy had similar arrogance to Jamie when he was younger.

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