United Airlines suspends flights to Denver from Flagstaff

Nationwide, the pain of flight delays, cancellations and staffing shortages appears persistent. The latest consequence here in Arizona is the United Airlines decision to suspend flights to Denver from Flagstaff Pulliam Airport due to staffing issues and the high cost of fuel, Flagstaff city leaders said Monday.

Airport director Barry Helmick said in a statement that he and his staff are “disappointed” by United’s decision.

Flagstaff service ends Oct. 30

United will suspend its nonstop service between Flagstaff and Denver after Oct. 30. It will review whether to reinstate Flagstaff flights after a six-month review, according to Flagstaff officials.

Passengers who buy United Airlines new Basic Economy fares won't be allowed to stow bags in the overhead bin. They can only carry one small item that fits under the seat.

“United flights out of Flagstaff are at 90% load capacity, meaning 90% of the seats are filled which is viewed as very successful in the commercial airline industry,” Helmick said. “We will continue to stay in contact with United during 2022 in hopes we can reestablish service in 2023. ”

United Airlines told the Republic that suspending service from Flagstaff was a “difficult decision” and its staff is working with customers on alternate travel plans.

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