Love to Travel? You May Want to Make This Job Change

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It could open the door to more opportunities.

Key points

  • Traveling can be an expensive prospect, especially during periods of high demand.
  • Adjusting your work schedule could make travel more feasible and affordable.

Some people can travel once a year and feel fulfilled. But for others, a single trip a year won’t cut it.

If you’ve caught the travel bug, you may be eager to get out and explore different corners of the country and world multiple times a year. But there may be a few things holding you back – namely, money and your job.

The reality is that travel can be expensive, especially if you do it at a time when everyone else is out there, too. And even if you have a great travel credit card, let’s face it – those air miles, hotel points, and cash back rewards will only go so far when you’re looking to take multiple trips a year.

If travel is extremely important to you, then you’ll clearly need to hold down a job that pays well enough to make it possible. But you may also want to make a specific job-related change.

Go remote

People who work remotely don’t get out of doing their jobs. But they can do their jobs from anywhere. And if you like to travel, that could make a huge difference.

Say you’re required to report to an office every day to do your job. That means you’ll need to work your travel schedule around that requirement. That could translate into having to travel at more expensive times.

But if you’re remote, you get more flexibility. You can fly home on a Monday or Tuesday instead of a Sunday, when airfare might be much higher, and do your job from a different city in the interim. You can even pick up and travel to a new city during the workweek if you’re okay with your tourism opportunities being limited to evenings and your lunch break.

Another thing to keep in mind is that many employers only give their workers limited vacation days. And that might hinder your travel plans. But if you get a remote job, or are able to switch your current job to a remote one, then that will be less of an issue, because you’ll have the option to simply work from another place.

Freelancing is an option, too

While switching over to remote work could make travel more feasible, for even more flexibility, consider becoming a freelancer. When you’re self-employed, you can set your own schedule, giving you the freedom to do your job from anywhere and take time off as you please.

Of course, the downside of going freelance is losing benefits like paid health insurance and time off. And also, when you’re self-employed, you don’t always get to enjoy a predictable, steady stream of income, so you’ll need a decent savings cushion if you’re going to go this route. But it may be a worthwhile trade-off if it makes travel easier to accomplish.

There are lots of benefits to frequent travel, and you may find that taking more trips helps you recharge and boost your mood. And if some changes to your working arrangement are what it takes to make travel more feasible, then those are changes worth pursuing.

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