Locho Lokisano And Chanchi Estevez’s Tense First Meeting Outside The Hotel Of The Famous: “Unless Resign…”

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Locho Lokisano and Chanchi Estevez first met outside The Hotel of the Famous on the reality show Debate.

“On my part, everything is 10 points. We had a difficult coexistence with Locho, great moments, not so good moments; but I think in general terms, I was never the person to insult him. Besides that “We had great conversations but in coexistence there were things I didn’t like, as would have happened to them with my things.”first Aunt Estevejo,

whereas locho locisano He also spoke his mind. “I had a really bad time too, that’s what I always say. Obviously it’s a game, but I had a really bad time in that game. I don’t think there was a flag bearer to make me feel that way. I’m in a group like that.” Joined which I could not be a part of from the beginning and the fact is that I had a very bad time until Chanchi resigned. The truth is thatShot cool but sure of your words.

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One of the crosses between Chanchi Estevez and Locho Lokisano, which they almost came across during The Hotel of the Famous (El Tres).

In the end, he clarified “Actually, it was a while ago because I formed the Los Sanguinarios group with Alex Caniggia and Lisa Vera and I felt a little more together, but I had a really bad time and it was seen on television.” was.”

El Chanchi Estevez crosses Locho Lokisano at the hotel of the famous: “If you have eggs…”

Immediately after his admission in the month of May, locho locisano Coexistence within the reality show added another tense moment famous hotels You Aunt Estevejo I challenged H to a straight face. The former soccer player attacked Notero, who was angered by some of the comments he made after the elimination. Lisa Vera,

“Beware the cushioned nails, I used to collect them”she told him with a laugh loco One emilyreferring to the bed he used smooth “They weren’t just nails, they were Lisa de Bandana’s nails. Bandana de Pendeja was everything to me”The influencer replied. “It would be difficult to do something so big at the age of 20 and after he dies, you see?”notes locho locisano,

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One of the first crosses between Chanchi Estevez and Locho Lokisano within The Hotel of the Famous.

One of the first crosses between Chanchi Estevez and Locho Lokisano within The Hotel of the Famous.

There, Aunt Estevejo I got out of bed very angry at what I heard: “Locho, don’t you feel like sleeping? You do some barbaric crap”, “We’re All Talking the Same Thing”Locho defends himself. “No, you’re bullshit, that’s wrong”Insisted auntand challenged him to the face: “Do you know why you didn’t go to H? Because they didn’t let me vote for you. And if you want, I’ll wait for you at H on Sunday, if you have eggs”,

“I don’t know why you got so mad”I asked loco Shocked by the reaction of the former footballer, who reiterated: “So let me tell you, if you have eggs I’ll be waiting for you in H on Sunday”,

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