It’s beyond time for Yankees to showcase Miguel Andújar, Estevan Florial after All-Star break

The 2022 New York Yankees could not possibly be getting less production from Joey Gallo. There was a time when the criticisms of Gallo were slightly heightened and exaggerated by recency bias. That time is not now; Gallo is mired in a never-ending stretch of timid hacks and desperate refreshes of Travelocity to see just how far out of New York he can get.

Meanwhile, former Quad-A Yankees pain point Miguel Andújar and top prospect Estevan Florial are both absolutely destroying Scranton pitching. Andújar has recently demanded a trade, but for now he seems content to rake in Triple-A as a personal showcase. Allow me to propose a trade: Andújar for Gallo?

Or perhaps you’d prefer to see Florial, another emerging star who might be moved at the trade deadline if he gets the proper eyes on him before then. Maybe the Yankees are content to showcase him in the minors rather than expose him to big-league pitching.

It must be noted, though, that we’re long past the point where it’s possible Gallo is providing more at the MLB level than Florial or Andújar would right now. Mercifully, that is not possible.

We love Gallo the Man. Gallo the Man needs a break from whatever grind, funk or vortex he’s currently residing in. Gallo the Man needs a fresh start elsewhere. He’s someone Yankee fans can safely root for as soon as he departs.

Andújar? All he does is drill the baseball these days. Hanging in Pennsylvania is doing him no good, something he’s proving daily by trying to hit balls all the way back to New York on the fly.

Yankees’ Estevan Florial, Miguel Andújar deserve longer look post-Joey Gallo

It would be kind to Gallo, at this point, to ship him off. It would be beneficial to the Yankees to try one, or both, of their mashing Triple-A outfielders in his stead, to either improve the roster or change their trade deadline calculus. It’s that simple.

Andújar’s 61 OPS + at the big league level this season is dwarfed by his minor-league production, featuring a .312 average, .355 OBP, eight homers and 30 RBI. He’s clearly mastered the level, and isn’t gaining any tutelage from his time below the bigs, nor is he gaining steam in league circles. Everybody knows he can mash in the minors. What’s next?

Florial, meanwhile, took about a year to adjust to Triple-A, but looks like a different man since early May. The last time he got a shot with the Yankees was the sadly swept doubleheader against the Chicago White Sox. It’s impossible to read these escalating numbers and decide he doesn’t deserve another shot.

A version of Florial with improved plate discipline from the left side could wreak havoc in the Yankees’ outfield until Aug. 2.

A version of Andújar who wakes up, rolls out of bed and rakes without having to worry about playing left field could also be quite impactful in the Bronx. Or, perhaps, Aaron Hicks gets sent to the IL, too, giving him a few weeks to rest up while one of these two men replicates his recent production of lui?

The possibilities are endless, once the Yankees decide to make the right move here.

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