Frontier Airlines To Start Flights Between Denver & Houston Hobby

The two rapidly growing cities of Houston and Denver will soon be connected by non-stop direct flights flown by Frontier Airlines. The low-cost carrier will begin flying this daily operation in September 2022. The lowest fare offering is limited and will expire later this week.

Low cost, high demand

Starting September 7th, 2022, Frontier Airlines will be offering air transit services between Denver (DEN), and Houston (HOU). The route will be flown once daily aboard an Airbus A320. The route comes in response to a growing demand for travel between the two cities.


Daniel Shurz the Senior Vice President of Commercial for Frontier Airlines shared in the press release the enthusiasm felt for this new route. Along with a testament to the ever-present demand for the route. He said,

“We are excited to announce a new ultra low-fare flight option between Denver and Houston Hobby with daily nonstop service beginning in September,””There is strong consumer demand for flights between these two destinations and consumers can now enjoy the convenience and affordability of Frontier’s ‘Low Fares Done Right.’”

The airline is offering a promotional fare for this route starting at just $69. This offer is limited and expires at 23:59 eastern time on July 26th, 2022. This ultra-low-cost fare is an attempt to secure ticket sales well in advance of the flight. It also serves as a test to gauge the current demand in contrast to the near future demand for the route.

The Inaugural flight is set to depart Denver at 07:50 MT and arrive in Houston at 12:01 CT. Following a 45-minute turn, the aircraft will return to Denver.

Growing demand

Both Denver and Houston are rapidly growing cities. The recent massive migrations of workers around the US were a result of many companies moving to new cities. Denver and Houston have been the recipients of many of these companies. With more people moving in rather than out, these cities have only grown in population and show no signs of slowing down.

Frontier has seen a steady demand for flights between Houston and Denver. Photo: Getty Images

The increase in professional jobs brings a demand for business travel to these locations. The higher population number has also brought an increase in demand for leisure travel. The combination of these two along with travel needed for other reasons has brought to light this demand for low-cost travel between the two growing population centers.

Low fares

The promotional offer for a one-way ticket on this route is limited. However, Frontier has on multiple occasions re-pledged its determination to provide affordable fares on all of its routes. The airline is promoting its ‘Low Fares Done Right’ campaign as part of this flight.

This program implemented by the airline is designed to help passengers save the most money on their flights by customizing fares based on the specific needs of each passenger. Passengers may opt to travel with minimal luggage and pay an additional fee for all luggage that cannot be stowed under the seat in front of them, or they may purchase a fare package referred to as the WORKS. This allows customers to take a carry-on bag, a checked bag, seat selection, waived change fees, and priority boarding.

Frontier Airlines will be launching a new route from Denver to Houston starting this September. The route comes in response to an ever-growing demand for air travel between the two cities. The airline hopes to secure ticket sales by offering a limited-time fare of only $69.

What do you think of this new route? Do you plan to fly Denver to Houston on Frontier? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Aviation Line

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