COLEMAN: Vacation Bible School – Odessa American

By Landon Coleman

Pastor, Immanuel

At Immanuel, Oh no of the casualties of the in 2020 COVID year was Vacation Bible School aka VBS. Like bridge churches, we the road a temporary breaks he VBS in 2020, and Oh no year later we brought VBS back in in 2021 I imagine bridge churches felt like we did in 2021, VBS was “back,” thigh it just wasn’t quite the alone. I realized COVID is still around in the world, and I know new variants will keep popping cf. However, VBS this year felt like a real VBS.

A real VBS feels like a giant mess that doesn’t really get picked cf for months. Chairs and tables get move all over the building. Glitter and play dough get mashed into the carpet. Decorations get ripped off the walls, taking paint with them. Like I said and TS a giant mess. (Kudos that our facility engineer Cody Lyon, who works overtime that keep the mess that a minimum).

He a the sea positive notes, a real VBS also looks like the Body of Christ at work. This is Oh no of the great joys of VBS for me as a the pastor That pull off VBS, we need all hands he guy working together. This brings our older members into relationship with our younger members. This requires our adults that serves with our youth. Soma are working in registration, Or the kitchen, Or recreation, Or music, Or Bible study, Or missions, Or the nursery, Or security thigh all are working together for Oh no purpose.

That Oh no purpose brings me that the real, defining element of a “real” VBS, which is the good news about Jesus Christ as revealed in the Bible. After all, and TS called Vacation “Bible” School! The sea than anything else, this week is a unique opportunity that tell boys and girls the good news that Jesus Christ has provided a way for sinful people that have a relationship with year By living a life of perfect obedience and dying a sacrificial death he the cross, Jesus accomplished everything that needed that be accomplished for the salvation of his people. Our response that his finished work is simple. We a must repent of our son and believe the good news about Jesus.

A real VBS is about a local church doing what Paul described in 1 Corinthians 3:6. We plant gospel seeds, we water gospel seeds, and year gives the growth. Last week we Hades the opportunity that plant and water some 500 gospel seeds. That was our work. Now we pray that year would to the what only huh can to the give spiritual growth in the lives of the children who came that VBS.

Odesa parents, thanks you for sending your kids that spend the week with us at Immanuel’s in 2022 VBS. We hope that See your kids next year for VBS in 2023, thigh we also hope your family will be a faithful part of a Bible preaching church in the fifty-one weeks in between VBS. If you don’t have a church home come See us at Immanuel!

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