Air Tickets Are 45% More Expensive In The Month Of July

Despite this increase, Spaniards have not lost their desire to travel: reservations made during 2022 on to travel in July have practically tripled compared to the same period in 2021. London, Barcelona, ​​​​Palma de Mallorca, Madrid and Rome are the cities that have generated the most demand this month—especially the week of 4 July—with Madrid-Rome, the Barcelona-Palma de Mallorca and Málaga-London routes some of the most. are busy.

Also, flight cancellations due to shortage of personnel are the order of the day. Between June and July, reported an airline cancellation rate of 2.79%, up from 1.08% in April and May. The cancellation rate by passengers has not changed in recent months: 4.75% in June and July, compared to 4.73% in April and May. Purchases of AirHelp service, which helps with compensation in the event of flight cancellations or delays, up 66% in July compared to May, as well as BlueRibbon Bag insurance, which covers lost luggage, up 41% Invoice. For now, cancellations for the fall in October and November are down by 0.83% by airlines and 2.51% by passenger decision.

Spain is one of the most booked destinations for another year

The average stay is three days (84%) and a clear increase in the reservation window can be identified in Spaniards’ trips this July: while during the most difficult phase of the pandemic, trips were reserved a few days earlier, this margin was limited by months. And now 39% of reservations for July have been made between three weeks and two months ago.

position on the mainland

In the rest of Europe, ticket reservations for July have doubled compared to 2021. Spain is one of the most booked destinations for another year, second only to Italy and ahead of Greece, the United Kingdom and France, so it’s no surprise that Barcelona is on this season. The third most requested city.

Airline ticket prices increased by 40% in July compared to last summer. Trips for August are more or less the same, 5% more expensive, however, prices have dropped since September. Notably, prices for trips in September are 33% cheaper, while the fall for October and November is nearly half the price, 43.5% less.

The airline flight cancellation rate in Europe is 3.94% in June and July, almost double the rate of 2.08% recorded in April and May. The United Kingdom and Germany are up more than 5% in the summer, practically double the figure for Spain. On the other hand, the passenger cancellation rate of European flights is similar to that of the Iberian country, at 4.94% in July, slightly less than 5.02% in April and May.

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