The “dog sheep” of a family from Córdoba disappeared and they ask that it be returned

A family from the city of San Francisco, province of Córdoba denounced the disappearance of a sheep of a Luxardo Station field. According to them, it was a domesticated animal that acted almost like a dog.

“It is a sheep that we raised when it was born because the mother passed away, the we raise with a bottle, with us and with our puppies. she was the “sheep dog” from here in the city and at the same time we took her with the rest of the sheep to my parents’ field. But these days we get the surprise that was missing and no one saw anythinghe explained Eugeniaits owner, to The newspaper.

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The complainant also said that they searched for her throughout the field but could not find her and suspect that someone took her.

The dog sheep was raised in a family environment with other animals. (Photo: The Newspaper).

“The safest thing is that someone has taken over what was not theirs. We hope to see her again we all wait for itespecially my son. Everyone the neighbors from here in the city came to visit her. I hope she appears, a family is waiting for her and it is something significant for us, “he said.

Anyone with information can call: 3564646549.

Four police officers were arrested for stealing a lamb from a field: they loaded it into a patrol car and kept it in the police station’s refrigerator

A few months ago, four officers from the Amado Bonpland police station, currentsIncluding the head of the branch, were arrested accused of stealing a lamb from a field.

The complaint was made by the owner of the field, who heard shots and warned that they were taking one of his sheep in a patrol car.

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After that, the uniformed men went to the police station, where they found the animal in the refrigerator, while the fur was in a trash can. They were supposed to eat it.

They took her away in a patrol car.  (Photo: Clarin).
They took her away in a patrol car. (Photo: Clarin).

In statements to Telam, the deputy police chief of the province, Eduardo Acevedo said: “It causes us a lot indignation, we work hard to take care of our prestige. This action destroys the committed work of the Corrientes Police.”

In the same way, the head of the Corrientes force, General Commissioner Félix Barboza, declared himself, who in dialogue with radio two Warning: “we will be uniielding with the police officers involved.

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