Danville elementary students make winning entry for Pizza-Thon

WEST DES MOINES — Students in Josie Lane’s Danville Elementary third-grade Talented and Gifted class recently won the Iowa Agriculture Literacy Foundation’s 2022 Pizza-Thon contest for a pizza they made using all-Iowa products.

Their winning project — The Iowa Special — sported a unique Iowa shape. and had “IA” spelled out in bacon strips, cheesy corn stuffed crust, bacon bits, pepperoni, and pork sausage. barbecue sauce, and cheesy toppings.

The first-place team consists of Mason Johnson, Willie Strawhacker, Chris Strawhacker, Linkoln Macans, Beckett Moretz, and Kyden Steinman.

Iowa students in grades K-5 were challenged to create an original pizza and illustrate where in Iowa the ingredients would be raised or produced.

Students made an Iowa map depicting the source of each ingredient and how many miles away from their school it was.

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