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Edward Whitaker

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A TBA-commissioned study will look at the British horse population

Edward Whitaker

An in-depth study to assess the health of the British breeding industry has launched following confirmation of funding support from the Levy Board.

The study has been commissioned by the Thoroughbred Breeders’ Association (TBA), with additional financial support from the Racing Foundation, and will assess the impact of economic and political factors to identify emerging challenges and opportunities. Business consultancy PwC has been appointed to conduct the study.

The project will also look at the 2014 and 2018 studies to monitor trends, assess the influence of industry interventions and re-consolidate the association’s strategic plans for a long-term sustainable industry.

The wider racing industry will also be explored in the study, including the source and size of its horse population, international trade and subsequent impact on the future racing programme.

Claire Sheppard, TBA chief executive, said: “We are incredibly grateful to the Levy Board and the Racing Foundation for their support of this vitally important piece of work.

“The previous studies enabled us to firstly assess the environment in which thoroughbred breeders were operating in, but also provide evidence to build our long-term strategies.

“Both emerging and more established trends in these reports demonstrated areas of the sector at risk, which were addressed by the market introduction of initiatives to influence behavior and assist the industry.

“This third study will give us an up-to-date overview of the market and allow us to monitor the influence of industry incentives such as the Great British Bonus scheme. It will also examine the supply of thoroughbreds to British racing and the effects of global trade and competition on the sport.

“Crucially, the results of this project will show us if our areas of focus remain key priorities for the future or if there is evidence that we should realign parts of our strategy to new, emerging threats and opportunities.”

Alan Delmonte, Levy Board chief executive, said: “The Levy Board is pleased to be supporting this updated study. One of the Board’s statutory objectives is to apply funds for the improvement of breeds of horses.

Funding to support the development of the thoroughbred is fundamental to our activity, such as through veterinary research and for the Great British Bonus prize-money scheme.

“The Economic Impact Study will provide valuable context and information about the industry today, which will in turn assist in the development of new initiatives to benefit the sport.”

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