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Moo. Baaa. Oink.

Although some people may feel the urge to make those sounds when confronted with cows, lambs or pigs, the youth who competed in the Pittsylvania-Caswell Junior Livestock Show were serious and focused on their animals and the competition.

The two-day show, held April 29-30 at the Olde Dominion Agricultural Complex was considered a local exhibition and was not a qualifier for larger competitions, said Mandi Dolan, extension agent and 4H Youth Development with the Pittsylvania County Cooperative Extension Office.

The event featured goats, lambs, pigs and cattle.

To compete, the youth must be in 4H or FFA and the ages range from 6-19, she said.

The youth competed in age classes — Pee Wee or Youth for ages 6-8; Junior for ages 9-12; Intermediate for ages 13-15; and Seniors for those ages 16-19.

Dolan said the youth typically work with their animals for a few months before attempting to show them in the ring.

For the animals in the showmanship category, it is also good to get the animal used to being bathed frequently, she said.

Charlie Farmer, 9, of Gretna, placed at the grand champion in the showmanship division with his year-old pig, Rachel.

To prepare, the pig was put on a consistent feeding program and was walked every day. Farmer said he put in a good deal of practice with his pig. Rachel was also going to compete in the market pig division, but Farmer said he would keep her when it was over.

Those in the market division have the option of selling their animals to a predetermined packer, but others keep them for breeding or other shows, said Dolan.

Naomi Delozier, 14, of Penhook has been showing livestock since she was eight-years-old. For this show, she competed in the steer and heifer exhibitions. To get the animals ready for competition, Delozier trains them to tolerate a halter and being tied up for a few hours each day. The animals are directed on where to place their hooves using a show stick, which also doubles as a way to calm the animal in the ring.

For Delozier, the best part is winning a ribbon.

The judge for this show was Terry Burks of Bowling Green, Ky. He has judged more than 100 junior and open livestock shows in 43 states.

For the youngest competitors, Burks injected some levity to keep things light, but also gave the youth some tips on showing their animals.

“If you’ve never shown a sheep before, they’re a handful,” said Burks to the youth with their lambs in the showmanship division.

He also asked the kids lots of questions.

“I love it when they talk to you,” he said, adding that some are more forthcoming than others.

Those in the Pee Wee division get a red or blue ribbon and will return for additional classes, said Dolan. Those in the older groups will go through several classes to earn grand or reserve champion status for each animal division.

Also, as the competitors got older and the animals larger, Burks focused more on teaching about technique and gave each competitor a thorough critique.

In the junior hog showmanship division, Burks noted that some competitors crossed over a few too many times and others let the hog stray too far away, as the hogs were controlled by show sticks.

One pig was especially vocal about the dates, testing the skills of its handler.

For the first place winner in the pig showmanship division, Burks found the competitor to “really smooth.”

During the intermediate cattle showmanship division, Burks had two girls switch a cow and steer to get more experience. He also advised them to get four full-length mirrors and put those up in the barn.

“You need to know what your cow looks like when showing,” he said.

“It’s not your view, it’s the judges view you’re trying to get right,” he said.

Dolan said most of the competitors live on a farm and have easy access to their animals. Those who do not usually have good friends who do and can provide the space. 4H provides some basic instruction on how to prepare for shows, but ultimately it is up to the child to work with the animal, she said.

“I love these shows because it gives the kids an opportunity to learn,” she said.

Goat showmanship

Grand Champion Senior Goat Showmanship: Charity Delozier

Reserve Champion Senior Goat Showmanship: Sutter Clark

Grand Champion Intermediate Goat Showmanship: Kaylee Bergeron

Reserve Champion Intermediate Goat Showmanship: Naomi Delozier

Grand Champion Junior Goat Showmanship: Lydia Delozier

Reserve Champion Junior Goat Showmanship: Chloe Delozier

Market goat

Grand Champion Market Goat: Sutter Clark

Reserve Champion Market Goat: Coleman Wells

Breeding due

Grand Champion Breeding Doe: Coleman Wells

Reserve Champion Breeding Doe: Lydia Delozier

Lamb showmanship

Grand Champion Senior Lamb Showmanship: Rebecca Shields

Reserve Champion Senior Lamb Showmanship: Moriah Delozier

Grand Champion Intermediate Lamb Showmanship: Kaylee Bergeron

Reserve Champion Intermediate Lamb Showmanship: Naomi Delozier

Grand Champion Junior Lamb Showmanship: McKinley Bergeron

Reserve Champion Junior Lamb Showmanship: Lydia Delozier

Market lamb

Grand Champion Market Lamb: Kaylee Bergeron

Reserve Champion Market Lamb: McKinley Bergeron

Breeding ewe

Grand Champion Breeding Ewe: Moriah Delozier

Reserve Champion Breeding Ewe: London VanDerHyde

Hog showmanship

Grand Champion Senior Hog Showmanship: Sutter Clark

Reserve Champion Senior Hog Showmanship: Kalynn VanDerHyde

Grand Champion Intermediate Hog Showmanship: Gabrielle Bergeron

Reserve Champion Intermediate Hog Showmanship: Grace Stowe

Grand Champion Junior Hog Showmanship: Charles Farmer

Reserve Champion Junior Hog Showmanship: Mason VanDerHyde

Market hog

Grand Champion Market Hog: Sutter Clark

Reserve Champion Market Hog: Gabrielle Bergeron

Breeding gilts

Grand Champion Breeding Gilt: Suter Clark

Reserve Champion Breeding Gilt: Charles Farmer

Hog sweepstakes

Grand Champion Hog ​​Sweepstakes: Suter Clark

Reserve Champion Hog ​​Sweepstakes: Gabrielle Bergeron

Beef Showmanship

Grand Champion Senior Beef Showmanship: Sutter Clark

Reserve Champion Senior Beef Showmanship: Charity Delozier

Grand Champion Intermediate Beef Showmanship: Aubrey Herbers

Reserve Champion Intermediate Beef Showmanship: Kaylee Bergeron

Grand Champion Junior Beef Showmanship: Lizzie Kendig

Reserve Champion Junior Beef Showmanship: McKinley Bergeron

Market steers

Grand Champion Market Steer: Sutter Clark

Reserve Champion Market Steer: Coleman Wells


Grand Champion Heifer: Sutter Clark

Reserve Champion Heifer: Aubrey Herbers

Bred & owned

Grand Champion Bred & Owned Steer: McKinley Bergeron

Reserve Champion Bred & Owned Steer: Lizzie Kendig

Grand Champion Bred & Owned Heifer: Suter Clark

Reserve Champion Bred & Owned Heifer: Rye Kendig

Youth/Peewee goat

First Place: Helen Katherine Farmer

Second Place: Ginny Gray Wydner

Third Place: Abi Lane Wydner

Fourth Place: Josiah Hubbard

Fifth Place: Adam Delozier

Youth/Peewee lamb class 18

First Place: Emily Waller

Second Place: Chase Hawkins

Third Place: Forrest Barker

Fourth Place: Warren Gregory

Youth/Peewee lamb class 19

First Place: Stone Hawkins

Second Place: Lacie Haymes

Third Place: Will Gregory

Fourth Place: Kerr Terry


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