Punk and metal are a match made in heaven | Music

Dirty Rotten Imbecils have been thrashing for four decades (and boy are their tired arms).

Punk and metal often go hand in hand, seeing as how both are loud, fast and angry. That wasn’t always the case though — punk and metal used to be very separate entities. That is until the mid-’80s, when thrash metal made for the perfect punk/metal crossover sound. Bands like Slayer, Cryptic Slaughter, Suicidal Tendencies and Dirty Rotten Imbecils (more commonly referred to as DRI)brought the fast, no-care attitude of punk mixed with the sharp precision of metal. DRI were innovators of thrash/crossover.

They started in Houston in 1982 and haven’t really slowed down since, despite a five-year hiatus from 2004 to 2009 while guitarist Spike Cassidy fought colon cancer. But since 2009, they’ve been back with a vengeance. They tour yearly and play just as fast and furiously as they did when they started. On Sunday, May 15, DRI will be returning to The Black Sheep with New Jersey thrashers Paralysis and Night of the Living Shred (Disclosure: NOTLS is my thrash band). Be sure to show up and circle pit to DRI’s profound lyrics such as, “Banging and moshing like they don’t give a shit, to the rapid beat of the drum!!” from their 1989 classic, “Thrashard.”

There are a great number of other shows going on all over town as well. It all starts tonight, Wednesday, May 11 at Fritzy’s with the goth-infused death rock of Seattle’s Nox Novacula,who will be joined by Plague Garden and Witchhands. Thursday night also brings some great live music. You can catch indie/garage rock at Vultures with a great local show featuring The Sum Beaches, Shadow Work, Glum Lot and Grimmly. You can also stop next door at The Black Sheep for an Ozzy Osbourne tribute show from Mr. Crowley. Joining them will be local rockers Dirty Kings. If you’re looking for more indie rock, head down to Lulu’s Downstairs for Southern Culture on the Skids with Dressy Besy.

Looking for the perfect Friday the 13th event? There are plenty of maximum bangers from which to choose! Triple Nickel will be hosting a special metal show with locals Grindscape, Red Gremlin and Cleanse the Destroyers. You can also head downstairs to Fritzy’s for a tribute show with cryptic writings, playing songs by Megadeth; Metallica tunes by Diabalica; and an Amon Amarth tribute from Oden On Our Side. The Black Sheep will also be hosting some Friday the 13th fun with the deathcore from locals Fighting the Phoenix, Ovira, Born of Ash, Essence of Gaia and The Ocean Effect. Head nextdoor to Vultures for a birthday celebration show with the man, the myth, the Chuck Snow. He will be performing a special set along with Glass Parade (featuring former Reverb alum Collin Estes). As if that wasn’t enough, catch bluegrass and Americana at Lulu’s with Wood Belly and Red Mountain Boys.

Saturday at Lulu’s is sure to be great thanks to two shows — catch the reggae-infused blues of St. Louis’ Aaron Kamm and The One Drops along with Cas Haley upstairs. Or head downstairs and see the string ensemble Horse Feathers which has garnered praise from media such as NPR and Pitchfork. The Sheep will also host the Affliction Music hip-hop showcase featuring DJ Sh3vy, Flow Man, Sheed Dicaprio, Bos Cya #6, Swagyu, Reflecshaun & Frank G, Ransteez Rolos and Calvin Mack.


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