DNR permits hog factory farm despite local worries over water quality

Wisconsin’s pristine Driftless Area will soon be home to a new industrial farm capable of producing thousands of pigs, after the Department of Natural Resources approved its pollutant discharge permit.

The approval allows the farm to move forward with the construction of its new facility, without any requirements for monitoring water quality in the area, nor limiting the number of animals allowed to be housed on the property.

Roth Feeder Pig II, owned by Howard “AV” Roth, will produce up to 140,000 weaned piglets a year, which will then be transferred to other farms to be raised for meat production. The farm will also house about 5,100 female pigs and about 50 boars, in addition to other pigs.

Some residents of Crawford County, where the farm will be built, are worried that having an additional hog concentrated animal feeding operation, or CAFO, will have negative impacts on a region known for its cold, clear trout streams and uninterrupted rolling hills.

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