Avenue in Sarver: The wedding venue tailored for you, to the last detail

A couple planning their dream wedding have an extensive process ahead of them: finding the ideal setting, preparing an event that is fun and meaningful, and making sure that everything runs smoothly on the special day. Avenue in Sarver is here to cover all of those needs and more.

Avenue in Sarver is a beautiful venue that also comes with a talented and experienced team to meet your specific needs. Cathy Burnheimer, who co-owns Avenue with her husband, Benjamin, has decades of wedding industry experience. They have also hired an experienced and enthusiastic team to help execute every couple’s vision.

The venue itself is a 150-year-old barn that sits on 10 acres of land in Butler County, about 30 minutes from Downtown Pittsburgh. The structure has been carefully upgraded to provide every modern amenity.

“I always joke that no one over 40 wants to go to a wedding without heat or air conditioning,” Burnheimer said. While barn weddings have been in fashion for the past decade, many barn venues don’t have conveniences like climate control. Avenue in Sarver has a complete heating and air conditioning system, a full kitchen and a newly-renovated, massive bridal suite.

Avenue in Sarver

Inside Avenue in Sarver

In addition, a few wedding venues offer Avenue’s versatility. It has multiple outdoor ceremony spaces as well as the elegant indoor great room. There is a recently-installed custom tent and a full-service bar. For kids, a dedicated play area has been created. For a more rustic and outdoorsy vibe, they also have a fire pit and a patio with seating. The team wants to ensure that every guest has an amazing time at every one of their events.

One of Burnheimer’s top goals is to help couples to tailor a day that is distinct and as fun as possible. “We’ve all been to 30 of the same wedding. My goal is to create an experience that’s just a little bit different for each couple, so there’s a signature on their wedding,” she said.

For example, Avenue in Sarver helps clients get creative with food. The venue has a full catering kitchen and couples can bring in the food and bakery vendors of their choice. Burnheimer herself has experience in baking for weddings; she owned her own bakery and won Food Network’s “Winner Cake All” in 2018 before opening Avenue. She wants couples to feel free to experiment with different dinner and dessert options, like themed food stations or a cupcake toppings bar. The venue’s team is happy to facilitate fun meals. “People love to create their own food experiences,” she said.

Avenue in Sarver isn’t just a versatile venue — it’s also an exceptionally well-organized one. Burnheimer is committed to solving any problems that arise with a precise, professional event-day team. “One of the most important things we offer is the day-of coordinator,” she said. One of their goals, she noted, is to never have to ask the bride or groom a question on the day. The venue’s packages come with a coordinator who will help to build a minute-by-minute itinerary for the wedding, along with plenty of backup plans in place so that every wedding is as close to picture-perfect as possible.

“We have the forethought of what could go wrong and have three solutions for each problem. We have Plan B, C, D and E ready to go just in case,” she said.

“We have a really great team in place. Everyone on our team truly loves the wedding industry. We really invest a lot of time into our couples in making sure that we have a clear understanding,” Burnheimer said. “We want everyone to have the best day ever.”

A virtual tour of the venue and grounds is available at avenueinsarver.com, and inquiries about in-person tours can be made there as well. More information can also be obtained on the website, by emailing info@avenueinsarver.com or by calling 724-524-1229.

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