William Haupt III: Biden hides border moves behind the Russia-Ukraine crisis

“The best way to conceal the truth is to hide it behind something of less significance.” – Confucius

In 2008 during the Great Recession, Barack Obama hammered an $800 billion stimulus bill though Congress. Those who actually read it found it was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It had little to do with stimulating the economic recovery and everything to do with stimulating the progressive docket.

When reporters queried Obama’s chief of staff Rahm Emanuel about this deceptive tactic, he didn’t even try to hide the fact it was a progressive wish list. He stoically retorted, “You never let a serious crisis to go to waste.” With a slip of the tongue, “Rahm’s Rule” for progressive politics was coined.

Progressives use Rahm’s Rule to publicize one crisis to cover up a crisis they chose to hide. The greater the magnitude of a crisis, and more public attention focused on it, the easier it is to enact unanticipated, regressive progressive policies.

“He who is out of sight is out of mind.” — Homer

Progressives know the world is focused on the crisis in the Ukraine and will “not let this crisis go to waste.” They have evoked “Rahm’s Rule.” Like Nero fiddled while Rome burned, as Ukrainian cities burn, progressives are “fiddling” with US border policy with no concern for American safety.

The day he took office, President Joe Biden eradicated many of Donald Trump’s immigration policies with his executive eraser. This included halting construction of the border wall, reviving the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Act, and canceling most of Trump’s immigration constraint defenses.

Biden axed these policies despite a projection from the Princeton Policy Advisors that showed this would result in as many as 2,000,000 illegal immigrants crossing the southern border based on recent trends. They noted, Biden’s polices would lead to the largest influx of illegal immigrants in US history; and they did.

Illegal crossings reached 1.7 million in 2021, the highest since 1960. Securing our border was such a low priority, Biden put Vice President Kamala Harris in charge of border security, which was obviously below her pay grade.

“I can see myself as the one in charge, not the one following the leader.” — Vice President Kamala Harris

The most critical immigration covenant that Biden eradicated was the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP), aka “Remain in Mexico” program. Since the Southern Border Processing Centers can only hold 4,750 migrants, border agents ran out of detention facilities a month after Biden ended the MPP.

Confirmed security data show the number of illegal crossers increased from 101,098 in February, to 212,672 in July. This massive increase was a 60-year high, in a little over half a year.

“Our plan is to give everyone who wants to come to America a pathway to citizenship.” — President Joe Biden

In April, Texas and Missouri sued the Biden administration, arguing that his policies would increase crime and financial hardship for them. In August 2021, a Texas District Court judge ordered Biden to enforce the MPP, citing his actions violated Section 1225 of the Immigration and Nationality Act. The judge rejected Biden’s effort to block his ruling and the court ordered him to enforce it ASAP.

Progressives won a key court battle for migrant minors seeking asylum. This enabled parents to send their children across the border alone, which enabled them to then join them at a later date.

“Many of these asylum seekers are only seeking access to our social services.” — Sen. Joe Manchin, DW.Va.

The Russia-Ukraine war was the crisis progressives needed to invoke Rahm’s Rule to increase the number of illegal immigrants entering the US With Americans focused on the Ukraine crisis, the word leaked out; since Biden failed to end the MPP, he’d do an end run around it, and scrap Title 42. This was a Trump policy that restricted illegal immigration to protect Americans’ health as well as their security.

Despite pleas from vulnerable Democrats up for reelection and warnings from border agents that the US can’t handle thousands of more illegal immigrants, Biden says he plans to open our borders anyway.

“Viruses always spread regardless of borders. That’s no excuse to keep people out.” — President Joe Biden

When Biden announced he’d be ending Title 42, it sparked fears in states around America. There is no way they can finance this record-shattering surge of illegal immigrants. Homeland Security anticipates over 18,000 illegal immigrants a day entering the US, which is over triple that of the current level!

White House spokesperson Kate Bedingfield said, “Yes, when the CDC lifts Title 42 there will be a massive increase in Southern border crossings. And we are looking into ways to deal with this.”

Title 42 was put in place with the onset of covid-19 to allow border agents to stop the spread of the virus. Border agents claim this enabled them to keep over 2 million illegal immigrants out of the US

“Texas can’t take care of its own citizens, let alone a new wave of aliens.” — Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas

The progressive panic to increase illegals in US states stems from census data that shows blue states are losing population to red states. With businesses and the middle class fleeing liberal high tax states for the tax and business friendly red heartland, the left needs bodies to replace them. Since Congressional representation is based on population, they are obsessed with having open borders.

It has been said that “rules are not as sacred at principles.” The “Rahm Rule” is the gold standard for progressives. Even though America has an endless potpourri of problems trying to enforce our immigration laws, Biden is looking under every legal rock for ways to justify and “openly” break our immigration laws! Progressives only care about increasing the blue state head count in Congress.

America needs highly trained technical and medical professionals. Many of them from nations like Egypt and India have been waiting years for a green card to work in America. Yet the left fills our states with illegal unskilled workers dependent on government, while ignoring those we need most.

It is illegal for anyone to cross our border without permission. America does not need an excuse to deny entry to illegal immigrants. We do not need laws restoring illegal immigrants crossing our borders that might have covid or any other illness. Title 42 or no Title 42, what don’t progressives understand about what is “illegal”? Rahm’s law or no Rahm’s law, Biden’s actions are a crisis our government can’t ignore.

In some countries those trying to cross the border illegally are shot and killed and others are put in jail. When US border agents arrest illegal border crossers, they simply send them back to Mexico. US border agents were hired to enforce America’s immigration laws. They were taught that there is nothing “legal about illegal.” If anyone is here illegally, they are breaking the law. It’s time that the liberal left learns this!

“Let me state the obvious. Illegal immigration is illegal, duh.” — Sen. John Kennedy, R-La.

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