Wynford Elementary haircut day, Colonel Crawford Lions

More than just a haircut

Wynford Elementary School, in conjunction with Tonya’s Hair Fashions, held a Spring Haircut Day. Forty students received complimentary haircuts from Tonya and her stylist crew.

It was amazing for students whose parents consented to having their child’s hair cut and styled to get their 15 minutes of special treatment. Upon arrival at 121 W. Warren St., the students were greeted by stylistsTonya Lohr, Britney Hill, Danielle Starr and Kendra Koge. As hair was flying, students chatted about their favorite team, how old they are, or who usually cuts their hair.

“I am so glad I am going to get this mop off my head,” said one third grader.

“I want it cut short,” said another child as the stylist cut the girl’s waist long hair to shoulder length.

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