Jim Harbaugh talks about the Michigan football defense

RJ Moten has really stepped up. DJ Turner is coming along. Mike Sainristil is totally — put him anywhere — he’s a leader as we love. We have some real strong leaders in the secondary. Guys aren’t afraid to talk or point something out, you’re doing this wrong it should be this way, whether it’s in the training environment or in the field.

Gemon had a really good spring, always — they have so high potential. Someone like Gemon Green and DJ Turner, you saw DJ start realizing some of that — learning to have some of that real locked-in drive, all out, all the time to match the real skill they have. There is tremendous growth there with Green and DJ.

RJ Moten is a strong leader. He talks and people listen, and he continues to take better angles, and how he tackles. That is where he has improved, but he is playing really well. All of this is coming from coach Clinkscale by the way. He loves them and he is tough on them, and he will be the first to tell you that’s how he coaches. He’s a very demanding coach in the best sort of way because he really cares about making guys the very best they can be. All of this development we are seeing in leadership and play effort is really driven by coach Clink.

The other guy that has had a tremendous spring is Makari Paige. He has developed that strength you need. I have always pointed out with Makari, is that his first — mid-year — presence here when he was a freshman, right away Makari Paige No. 7 — this guy is going to be something. Then we get to the season, and it didn’t come, didn’t happen like I predicted. After his freshman year another really fantastic spring, pretty good fall camp, and then not so much during the season — there were some good players there like Dax Hill and Brad Hawkins. But once again at an even higher level, Makari Paige, has had a — I’m never going to stop saying that. But if he can continue and now capitalize on the strength he has and toughness that has really developed to go along with his athleticism — smart, savvy player. Take that into fall camp and stay healthy, and he should be a starter — should be. The fate is in his hands, what he does with that over the summer and fall camp, but he is poised and once again put himself in position to be a really good player and a starter.

Also, been a lot of growth is Caden Kolesar. He continues to be our top special teams guy — playing all four. He’s relentless, outstanding, smart, fast, athletic guy who is — he could also maybe beat out Makari. It’ll be the drive out of the two guys that ends up winning that — edge to Makari right now.

Also Quinten Johnson who came on last year for special teams, he really came on in his desire and want to play and earn it — be good. He had a really good spring. I really seen that light turn on in Quinten.

Also Jordan Morant, to continue to have that drive and want to — football being very important, right up there in your priorities. He’s got the natural athletic ability and toughness. He can hit, not afraid, he could surface to be that type of guy.


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