Jeanette Gibson outdoors column: Those wily Red foxes

Red fox sightings are more frequent this time of year. This is due to the fact that fox kits have recently been born and the adult foxes are busy providing food for their young.


For the red fox, small mammals and rabbits are a main source of food, but what predator could resist an easy chicken dinner?

Everyone loves to eat chicken – human and animal alike. Folks who have chickens need to take precautions to “predator proof” their chicken coops and runs. If your chickens go missing, don’t blame the fox for doing what his instincts dictate. Rather, check your security measures.

Making sure that you have surrounded your chicken coop and runs with welded wire fencing, level to the ground, will prevent foxes from burrowing underneath and making short work of any occupants of your chicken yard.

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