Eva Longoria & Matt Walsh Interview: Unplugging

Unplugging stars Eva Longoria and Matt Walsh chat about their dream wilderness vacations, animal scene partners, and their next collaboration.

Unplugginga new comedy film set to be released in select theaters on April 22 and On Demand April 29, follows Dan (Matt Walsh, Veep) and Jeanine Dewerson (Eva Longoria, Dora and The Lost City of Gold) as they attempt to put down their phones long enough to go on a retreat in the mountains and learn to reconnect with each other. Written by Brad Morris (AP Bio) and Walsh himself, the film is a wacky adventure that spirals into madcap mayhem as the couple struggle to weather the trials thrown in their path.

Longoria and Walsh spoke to Screen Rant about their dream unplugged vacations, their brilliant animal scene partners in Unpluggingand their next collaboration: Flamin’ Hotwhich Longoria herself is directing.


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Screen Rant: What is your favorite thing to do when you’re completely unplugged? Your dream location, dream activity? How do you unwind?

Matt Walsh: One of the best vacations I had was with my wife, and we just rented an RV. We had our littlest baby, and we had no plan. We just started rolling up the coast of California, Oregon, all the way up. No schedule. Nature. Family. Home run.

I’ve always wanted to do that trip.

Eva Longoria: Same for me, nature. Just nature. In the morning, I’ll go meditate. I need my phone for my meditation app.

Matt Walsh: Are you good about that?

Eva Longoria: Yeah!

Matt Walsh: God bless you.

Eva Longoria: I wake up super early to do it and, here in the Yucatan, the sound at 5:30 in the morning, it’s like an orchestra. But that’s my happy place, nature.

Unplugging - Matt Walsh

They say don’t work with children or animals, but you both have these animals as scene partners. Matt, you’ve got a skunk. Eva, you’ve got a chicken.

Eva Longoria: The raccoon…

The raccoon!

Matt Walsh: I would never pick up the chicken. I’m not afraid of them, but I don’t feel comfortable handling them and Eva was all over that because she grew up–

Eva Longoria: [Laughs] I grew up on a ranch. So, I love chickens, and I just picked it up. I literally rocked it to sleep. That was true. But Matt, not so much. He was very, very scared of the raccoon.

Matt Walsh: I was definitely scared of the raccoon, and not as scared of the skunk. And by the way, children, animals — our daughter was amazing, by the way, she was so good.

She was good. Now I assume you two had a great time together because you’re also teamed up for Flamin’ Hot.

Eva Longoria: That was my revenge offer because he told me what to do this whole movie and I was like, “You know what? I’m gonna tell you what to do now.”

Matt Walsh: It is true. I did Eva’s movie so she could boss me around because I was such a bully on Unplugging.

Eva Longoria: It was so perfect. I was just like, “What about Matt Walsh?” And everybody was like, “Oh, yeah, he’ll never do it!”

Matt Walsh: You know what the real story is? Eva said, “Would you play [an] old slightly racist guy?” And I said “no, but I’ll play a middle-aged slightly racist guy.”

Eva Longoria: [Laughs] That’s true.

Matt Walsh: That is the fact.

Eva Longoria: He said, “I can’t play an old racist guy, but I can play a middle-aged one.” [Laughs] I had to re-write the whole thing!

Unplugging Synopsis

Unplugging - Eva Longoria and Matt Walsh

Think a rustic getaway with no cell service, internet or social media is a romantic way to revive your marriage and revitalize your sex life? Think again. When Jeanine (Eva Longoria) and Dan (Matt Walsh) realize the only spark in the bedroom is from the wall socket, Dan proposes a quiet, relaxing weekend in a remote mountain town as the solution to rekindle and recharge. No kids, no phones, no social media — only clean fresh air and lots of romance.

But what starts as the perfect weekend getaway quickly spirals out of control with unearthly encounters, strong edibles, cranky locals, and a pesky one – eyed dog. Without GPS to guide them or social media to save them, Dan and Jeanine are forced to rediscover what truly matters — each other.

Check out our previous chat with Eva Longoria for Dora and The Lost City of Gold.

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Unplugging will be released in theaters on April 22 and On Demand April 29.

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