Worm casting business is an alternative for the former Watertown dairy farmer

WATERTOWN – “Lush Farms produces organic worm castings which is a fancy way of saying we raise worms and sell their poop,” says Dan Trzinski, describing what he does for a living at his Watertown farm.

It’s not just any ordinary poop though. It’s odorless for a start. More importantly worm castings are regarded as the richest natural fertilizer known to humans.

“Our worm castings and worm tea are great soil enhancements and the best way to grow plants organically,” Trizinski said.

Worm castings, he said, are officially called vermicast. After worms digest organic materials, they release waste from their bodies called castings. Vermicast is nature’s organic fertilizer for gardens, laws, fruit trees and house plants and they help strengthen plants against pests and disease.

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