Iconic 200-Year-Old New York Restaurant May Be Forced To Close

A legendary New York restaurant is in danger of being forced to close for good.

Delmonico’s Restaurant opened up in 1837 in New York City.

“Established in 1837, Delmonico’s Restaurant offered an unheard-of luxury and developed the restaurant’s signature dish, Delmonico Steak,” Delmonico’s writes in the About section on Facebook.

The eatery is now located on Beaver Street in Manhattan.

Origin of Delmonico’s in New York City

The origin of Delmonico’s dates back to 1827.

“In 1827, at the beginning of New York City’s evolution as the financial center of the world, the genesis of what would become a world-renowned culinary institution, Delmonico’s Restaurant, was set. A small shop selling classically prepared pastries, fine coffee and chocolate, bonbons, wines and liquors was operated by the Delmonico brothers,” Delmonico’s adds.

The success of the small shop led the opening of Delmonico’s Restaurant. It was the first fine dining restaurant in the country when it opened in 1837.

“Delmonico’s offered an unheard-of luxury – the availability of private dining rooms where disccriminate entertaining was the order of the day. The basement held the restauranteur’s treasure, the largest private wine cellar in the city, holding an impressive 1,000 bottles of the world’s finest wines,” the eatery writes on Facebook.

Closed During COVID Pandemic

Delmonico’s Restaurant closed during the COVID pandemic and has yet to reopen. Sadly the iconic restaurant may have served its last customer. Though it’s not the restaurant’s choice.

Iconic 200-Year-Old New York City Restaurant May Be Forced To Close

The eatery’s landlord recently served owners an eviction notice for allegedly not paying rent, Eater reports.

The landlord claims Delmonico’s owes around $300,000 in unpaid rent.

Delmonico’s Restaurant claims its withholding rent because the landlord has yet to repair the building that was damaged during Hurricane Ida.

“Our choice to exercise our tenant rights and withhold rent came months after initially raising the flood issue to our landlord. We want to emphasize that we have honored all our lease obligations, paying 100% of our rent each month even while being during COVID We were disappointed our landlord decided to pursue this course,” Delmonico’s ownership told The New York Post. “We remain hopeful that we can come to a positive resolution with our landlord moving and remain committed to forward with our exciting renovation. more than to welcome back our Delmonico’s family.”

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