Coweta to hold three public hearings May 3

The Coweta County Board of Commissioners will hold three public hearings at their meeting May 3.

The public hearings were approved at the last Board of Commissioners meeting, held last Tuesday. Only one concerns a proposed rezoning, while the other two public hearings involve amendments to the county’s Zoning and Development Ordinance.

The first public hearing involves a rezoning of 18.412 acres at 7975 Highway 54 in Sharpsburg, the Wild Flora Farm, from RC-NACUP (Rural Conservation, Neighborhood Agribusiness Conditional Use Permit) to RC-SUP (Rural Conservation, Special Use Permit).

According to county documents, the applicants are interested in “engaging and supporting the community in meaningful ways with a diverse offering of events.”

“We can do this with more nature-oriented family events by partnering with local producers for seasonal farm-to-table dinners, with more educational opportunities and by hosting social events that bring more diverse groups of people to the farm,” the applicants wrote .

As part of these plans, Wild Flora Farm intends to renovate its barn to include a micro distillery, a warming kitchen, a gathering space for educational and social events, and a retail area.

The applicants wrote that they are interested in distilling spirits using plants grown on their farm and from other farms in the state, noting that it was common practice for farmers to distill excess fruits and grains on their farms before Prohibition.

Applicants also noted that they will continue to use the farm to cultivate eco-beneficial habitats and to establish botanical gardens and meadows for native pollination and honey bees.

The second public hearing for the May 3 meeting will concern traffic study requirements.

According to county documents, the county’s community development and public works departments are working together to provide traffic study requirements for projects within unincorporated areas of Coweta County, which will allow staff to designate projects as “minor” or “major” and designate what sort of study would be required before a rezoning action or development permitting.

The third public hearing will discuss lodging uses. According to county documents, upon reviewing the county’s Limited Use Historic District, there were lodging options discussed with staff.

The county notes that it is aware of designs that might be suitable and supportive of the goals of the Historic District. Community Development is interested in presenting this and other options and compares with the current Bed and Breakfast lodging currently allowed.

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