MATC, Whitefish Bay, Port Washington help gardeners

Great ideas usually start out small, sprout, and then begin to grow.

That’s what’s happening here as seed libraries and seed exchanges are increasing in popularity.

These libraries, typically located inside regular libraries, give seeds to patrons free of charge, and most of them accept seeds in return.

They’re great resources for any gardeners, say people involved in the ventures.

“You can take seeds out and you can return them — it’s like checking out a book and then bringing it back,” said Rosalia Slawson, assistant library director at the WJ Niederkorn Library in Port Washington.

The seed library started in 2014, and by last year it had 30 types of seeds to give away, Slawson said.

“We expect to have about the same amount this year. It’s been very popular. The comments we get are that people are grateful that we offer it. We have a strong garden community in Port Washington, so it’s been well received,” she said.

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