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Growing seedlings in a vertical planter/Gin Lee

Learning new space saving and money saving indoor gardening techniques that’s not just useful but also earth friendly.

Maybe you are someone who doesn’t have a lot of interior space to grow a container garden, however have you ever considered growing a vertical indoor garden, or a windowsill garden? Today, I will be sharing another planter idea that came to me out of my passion for green living and upcycling. We all have trash that normally gets thrown away. So why not be more resourceful with it?

Vertical seed planter/ tomato seedlings/Gin Lee

Recently, I made vertical planters out of tree limbs and screwed plastic containers to the limbs, added potting soil after which I planted vegetable seeds within the vertical planters. Although it’s nothing fancy, it works flawlessly and helps save on floor space in my indoor greenhouse. Presently I am seeding cherry tomatoes within the vertical planters, which I will be replanting in larger pots, eventually.

Saving space and saving money is essential. This planter cost me literally nothing as it’s made from stuff that I already had handy. The plastic planters were made from soda bottles, the tree limbs came from my property (which were already down in my backyard from recent storms we had in February). And the screws were left over from a recent bathroom remodel. The only items that were purchased were bags of potting soil and seeds, and I already had those at my disposal from previous online orders.

The most rewarding thing about upcycling trash to treasure is that it’s also keeping plastic out of the landfills, which in turn is extremely good for our quality of life, as it’s also helping to protect our earth. The bonus is that I made unique vertical planters that will last for numerous years. Which in turn will continue saving me money. Should a planter crack, it can easily be replaced with another plastic bottle.

So, how did I make the vertical planters?

I saved plastic bottles, washed them out and cut the tops off of them. I then cut about a one inch length hanging spot out at the back of each bottle and trimmed the additional plastic off around the tops of each bottle. Then tapped a hole through the hanger with a nail and hammer.

Then I went outside and found several tree limbs that were about five feet in length and about six inches round. I then drilled holes in the limbs and screwed wall hangers on the back sides of the limbs.

Next, I played around with how I wanted the design, until I decided to have each planter leaning slightly. So, the first planter would lean towards the right, then the next one would lean towards the left. I repeated the design with each planter.

I measured it to have gaps in between each planter to give growing plants enough space to thrive in between each planter.

After I figured out how I wanted each planter, I then screwed them onto the limbs. I used one limb per each vertical planter. To give the planters some country flair, I made bows out of wired brown and gold ribbons and placed them at the tops of the limbs.


Some of the benefits to gardening is that plants and trees help clean and filter the air that we breathe, they also provide healthy food resources, and save a lot of money in the long run.

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