Toddler loves to help his mum with farm chores: ‘He’s a real mini-me’

‘From day one, he has come with me every day to feed the cows’ (Picture: Mollman Farm/Mercury Press)

Meet Whitaker, the 15-month-old toddler who loves following his mum around their farm and helping her out with the animals.

Mikelann Mollman, 31, is amazed by how keen her baby is, even if he has broken a few eggs along the way.

Mikelann, from Billings, Montana, USA, said: ‘From day one, he has come with me every day to feed the cows and is a real mini-me.

‘His dad, Adam, 44, usually works at his hardware shop during the day, so Whitaker stays with me whilst I work on the farm.

‘He’s a big watcher and learns a lot of things, and he tries to copy everything that I do.

‘He loves coming with me when I move hay bales in the skid steer loader when I pick up and move hay bales and has his own little seat in there.

Whitaker trying to help with chores

‘He waddles over with the bucket as it’s a bit too heavy for him right now’ (Picture: Mollman Farm/Mercury Press)

‘His favorite activity is picking up the eggs from our chickens.

‘At first, he’d just drop them in the bucket, and they would crack, but he’s now learned to place them gently or pass them to me, he’ll pick up between 18 and 24 each morning.

‘Although sometimes, he’ll be a bit cheeky and drop a few for our dog, Charlie, who’s four, so he can have a free egg breakfast.

‘They’re both thick as thieves, Whitaker will always try and sneakily give Charlie food off of his plate when he thinks I’m not watching.’

Whitaker feeding a pig

‘He’s obsessed with the automatic chicken feeder’ (Picture: Mollman Farm/Mercury Press)

Whitaker’s also quite the little supervisor, as he’ll check up on his mum’s work around the farm, making sure everything is up to scratch if she lets him sleep through chore time.

Mikelann said: ‘Sometimes I’ll let him sleep in and get all of the jobs done before he wakes up.

‘He’s usually pretty annoyed when I do that though and will walk around the farm double-checking everything.

‘He’ll storm around the farm like a mad man and run for the gates and latches and try and unlock them even though he’s still a bit too small.

‘He’s obsessed with the automatic chicken feeder and loves picking up buckets full of feed.

‘He waddles over with the bucket as it’s a bit too heavy for him right now.’

Little Whitaker also loves the animals and will imitate them as he toddles around the property.

His mum said: ‘He moos at the cows a lot, and his favorite animals are the chickens and pigs.

‘It wouldn’t surprise me that if any day now, he’s able to say the names of each animal, as he’s already able to identify each one if I say the names.

‘He loves gazing out the window when we are in the skid steer.

‘He’s such an eager toddler, he wants to do everything from playing with the machinery and helping here and there.’

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