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The focus of National Farm Animals Day is to put attention on caring for farm animals humanely. It’s also a day to help find homes for abused and abandoned farm animals. Promoting the goal of improving the welfare of livestock one animal at a time.

There is a wide range of hardships that farm animals face. From lack of space to lack of proper medical care, National Farm Animals Day is a day to help improve these conditions. Whether it be chickens, turkeys, cows, hogs, sheep, or other farm animals, this day is set aside to help improve their conditions.

It’s important to note that even animals that are slated for slaughter need to be raised in proper conditions. These animals are giving their very lives to feed people and they deserve to be raised in healthy conditions that encourage proper growth and health. The entire goal of National Farm Animals Day is to raise awareness in regards to the plight of how they are cared for.

Many farm animals are abandoned and abused. These animals all deserve love and care. Many animals are domesticated and raised for food. Some provide eggs and meat, while others provide milk which can be drunk as well as turned into cheese and butter. Some animals are raised for their fur or their pelts.

Most farmers are humane and take good care of their livestock ensuring that the animals are properly fed and watered as well as given proper shelter to keep them out of the elements. Livestock is a huge investment for farmers and they don’t want to see their money wasted so they’re going to care for their animals.

Farming isn’t an easy life. Farmers are always learning new trends and methods for proper animal care and for raising crops to ensure that their animals are properly fed and cared for. They also must keep up to date with the latest health care trends, medications, and nourishment.

Many people fall in love with baby farm animals. These cute little animals are playful and delightful to watch, however, as they grow up, some people stop giving them as much attention. It’s important to continue tending to these farm animals even after they become fully grown. In memory of Gandhi, who believed that it was important to treat all living beings respectfully, National Farm Animals Day was founded to make sure that they are all cared for.

When children are little parents can teach their children to care for the baby farm animals. As children learn how to care for the animals they will continue to do so throughout their lives eventually teaching their children how to properly care for the animals.

How to celebrate National Farm Animals Day

  • Teach children how to care for baby farm animals so that when they are older they will teach their children how to care for them.
  • Donate to an animal shelter or other animal sanctuary.
  • Visit a farm.
  • Learn how a farm operates.
  • Learn about animal care.
  • Learn what we get from different animals.
  • If you’re able, take in an abandoned or abused farm animal and show it plenty of love.

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