Holmdel could get 17 million-dollar homes on old farm next to Vonage

HOLMDEL — A developer is looking to build a neighborhood directly across Newman Springs Road from the Vonage corporate campus where farmland currently exists.

The developer, Victory Estate Management LLC, went before the planning board Tuesday night to introduce its plans for its project, dubbed Heavenly Estates.

Board members expressed concerns with its proximity to the main road and requested access for historic evaluation of the main barn on the site.

The plans

In a presentation to the board, Brian Murphy, engineer for the developer, said Victory Estate Management is asking the board to allow it to divide the 92.4 acres of farmland into 22 separate lots. Seventeen of the lots are proposed to be single-family residential homes sitting on about 1.5 acres of land each. Three smaller lots connected with the proposed neighborhood are proposed to be open space areas as well as the single 58-acre lot that is proposed to surround the neighborhood.

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Murphy said the open-space lots are proposed to be maintained by the future homeowners association. A separate lot of about 2.6 acres will be set aside for the house currently on the property to the north of the proposed neighborhood.

Site Plans for a proposed new development called Heavenly Estates

“That house will most likely stay,” Murphy said. “We’re having trouble with the renters to get access to evaluate the conditions of the house.”

But he said “The barn is going to be removed in the back. It can’t be saved. It’s too far gone. And any other structures that are unsafe would be removed.”

In a document titled Fiscal Impact Worksheet, the estimated market value for each of the 17 new homes is $1 million.

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