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The American Legion opened its doors to 200-plus guests on Saturday, March 26, for the Klickitat County Livestock Growers Banquet. Tickets were hard to come by as everyone was looking forward to a prime rib dinner and awards honoring their kids and fellow community members.

Travis Miller, president of the cattlemen’s association, started the night at 6:30 pm, followed by Jane Lee giving the invocation. As dinner was wrapping up, the awards began.

Hailey Gross, lifetime friend of the Rolfe Family, was awarded the Jean Schilling Memorial Lamb. Billi Bare, treasurer of the Cattlewomen and Rolfe Family representative, presented the award.

Toni Thiele Troh, from Glenwood, presented the Bernice Thiele Memorial Hog to a fellow Glenwoodian, Bella Bensel. Bella was noted for consistently exhibiting the 3 Rs: responsible, responsible, and resourceful.

Hassing Memorial Steer, usually donated by Columbia Bank, was donated by the KC Cattlemen, and Lexi Molnar was recognized for her work ethic and fortitude.

Dan and Mary Lee presented twelve beef showmen/women with the Steer of Merit from the 2021 County Fair.

Dan and Mary’s time and effort is appreciated for this program. Not all counties recognize their kids for the carcass data that their 4H steers provide. It is a special opportunity that the Cattlemen and the Lee family provide for the kids of Klickitat County. The kids who obtained a Steer of Merit from their 2021 projects were: Hadlee Beierle, Lydia Hanning, Emily Wooden, Wade Endicott, Caden Fahlenkamp, ​​Connor Fahlenkamp, ​​Jocelyn Fahlenkamp, ​​Corynn Kayser,

Ty Molnar, Wade Olsen, Rydell Myers, Payton Lower, and Isaac Garcia. Emily Wooden, and Payton Lower, tied for 1st place, Jasper Olsen was 2nd and Isaac Garcia was 3rd.

The next two awards are given to adults for their commitment to the agriculture industry and our community. JP Enderby took to the microphone to list the continued support that Marvin Norris has given to the agriculture community. Marvin was recognized as the OP Kreps Memorial Award.

The tables were turned when JP was the recipient of the next award to be given. Karl Amidon gave an exceptional speech when alluding to his friend and Jim Bridgefarmer Memorial Award recipient, JP Enderby, a graduate of Goldendale High School. The Jim Bridgefarmer award is given to recognize the service an individual has given to his/her community. JP’s service to his community is lengthy.

The 2022 Cattlemen of the Year are John Sr. and Julie and John Jr. and Aubrey Stephens of Lyle. John Sr. began his speech with, “Behind every rancher is a wife that works in town.” Throughout his talk John was very proud and adamant that their ranch is a family operation, that everyone contributes and works together. Their field day will be Saturday, May 27.

The Cattlemen Brad Cameron and Pace Amidon sold tickets throughout the auction to a gun raffle and had another in the live. The evening wrapped up with the Cattlewomen’s silent auction ending and the live auction beginning. All proceeds from both auctions go to the Cattlewomen’s events throughout the year. We strongly believe that a community is only as strong as its youth. Our associations support our community and educate the consumer on beef and the industry that surrounds it. This year we have the possibility to have 12+ applicants for our county scholarship to a graduating senior. The cattlewomen will also host a Beef Counts Food Distribution Event on Thursday, June 23rd at Goldendale High School. In cooperation with 2nd Harvest items, beef will also be given to the community. We also support the Klickitat County Fair and FFA events. Our goal for next year is to provide an Ag Day at a county school. At this event in the past, an assembly has been held to talk about beef, lunch has been prepared for the students and staff and Agriculture based books were donated to the school’s library.


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