Truck and trailer stolen from Coachella Valley High School’s Future Farmers of America Program

Over the weekend, a pick up truck and trailer were stolen from Coachella Valley High School’s Agricultural Department.

The theft resulted in a damaged fence off of 55th Ave and Van Buren Street.

Agricultural department head, Kevin Sleeper, shares what this weekend’s theft at CVHS means to him.

“It’s hurtful. And it takes all that we’re doing and we’ve got four and a half acres of corn, that we’re going to be harvesting in May and we’ve got beans and we’ve got stuff that’s going to happen on the other side next year.

Sometime between Friday evening and Sunday night a Ford F 250 and trailer were stolen from the school’s Future Famers of America program.

“Somebody got into our Animal Unit and got into our pickup truck, and hot wired it or whatever. And it was connected to our 24 foot livestock trailer. They broke through the fence and took off with it,” says Sleeper.

The school has filed a police report with Riverside County Sheriff’s Department. CVUSD, Community Engagement Manager, Lissette Santiago, tells News Channel 3 the truck and trailer were worth a little over $80,000.

Coachella Valley High School is open to receiving donations in order to replace the truck and trailer.

The FFA program is also appealing to the community to get the program the equipment it needs as quickly as possible.

Sleeper tells News Channel 3, several donors have helped advance the program in past years, and this loss has set them back, “We’re supposed to have cattle on that side over there starting in August for student projects. And we can’t Even go get the cattle. So somebody has, has really hurt our program here by taking that truck and trailer.”

While the fence damage has been repaired, Sleeper hopes the program will recover as well.

A Community Volunteer, Margit Chiriaco Rusche, who helped start the agricultural program at the high school tells News Channel 3, theft occurred just weeks before the school was set to inaugurate their agricultural program on May 6.

If you are have any information or are willing to partner with the school to provide new equipment, contact Marie Perutti at 760-848-1187 or at

You can see pictures of the truck and trailer that were stolen below, along with the damages that resulted from the theft.

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