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The city of Livermore will see the official grand opening of RiverTown Market this Saturday.

Located at 100 W. Third St. At the previous location of Wells Insurance Agency and across the street from Livermore City Hall and the Old Livermore Furniture & Hardware Co., the new gift shop will have its cutting ribbon, officiated by Judge-Executive Curtis Dame and opening prayer by Bro. Thomas Webb, at 9 am and will be open for shopping from 9:30 am to 3 pm

Mallory Robertson, owner of the new venture, said that the anticipation for the big day has finally begun to come to fruition.

“I think that (Sunday) is when it all hits,” Robertson said. “I went to church and everyone was talking about it and I think that’s when all the things came like excitement and nervousness, but also being proud of myself, too.”

Focuses of the business will range from selling Kentucky Proud products such as honeys, jams and jellies while also offering crafts made by members of the community.

“I think what makes us unique is over 90% of the products in here comes from the state of Kentucky,” Robertson said. “And that’s kind of like my saying: ‘One small business, supporting many others across the Bluegrass.’ ”

Other offerings include quilts and sewing items, Kentucky Trail Town and RiverTown Market T-shirts designed by Robertson’s sister Melanie Owen, ice cream from Chaney’s Dairy Barn in Bowling Green and much more.

“One lady is making dog treats, and with those dog treats, my mother has taken it amongst herself to make dog bandanas, too,” Robertson laughed.

Though originally trying to have the grand opening in time for Christmas 2021, Robertson opened up the store in December for a couple hours to offer a Santa photo op for families.

Since then, Robertson said that she has been preparing for opening day by heading out to a couple markets including a shop at Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington to gather Kentucky Proud products while also getting the interior of the space ready for customers by hanging up decor and getting necessary equipment installed.

Robertson recently left her position with Hopkins County Schools in order to channel her efforts to the store, and also taking on a new role as a manager of Robertson’s Produce, which is part of her family’s business Robertson Farms, LLC.

She also took a break from her studies from Murray State University and will resume part-time in the fall.

“I decided that the farm makes me happy and McLean County makes me happy and I was missing it being in Hopkins County,” Robertson said. “I also knew there wasn’t a way to run my store and keep my job. So my family talked about it and about a month ago; I returned to the family farm and we decided to diversify it and we’re going to be growing produce and going to the Owensboro Farmers Market and we’ll also have some in (the store)….”

Robertson will be leading the charge at the store, with her family’s support, with eventual plans to welcome potential new employees.

“…My family, especially my mom, dad and sister have really been helping me in making this successful,” Robertson said. “We’ve pulled a lot of late nights and early mornings here to get it all ready. It definitely wasn’t just me to make this happen.”

In preparation for the store, Robertson has been getting advice from other local business owners including her aunt Carol Robertson, who owns Farley’s in Calhoun, who noted the importance of patience.

“…It takes time to go to the next level so there’s going to be discouraging days but it’s all OK,” Robertson said.

She’s also been getting encouragement from Diane and Ralph Thacker, owners of Thacker Riverside Dental.

“They have lots of support for me (and) they are excited for it to open,” Robertson said. “They show everyone everything all the time.”

For day one, Robertson is looking forward to finally opening the doors to the public.

“I’m excited just to be able to meet people,” Robertson said. “I think that since the second I announced that this business was coming, people in Livermore and as well as the rest of McLean County were more than supportive and ready for it to be open right then-and-there.

“…My face is out there and the store is out there and that’s what needs to happen. So, I expect a decent turnout even with it being spring break.”

Robertson said that she’s seen active support from people outside of the county and hopes they will make it a point to come visit Livermore and the store.

“I hope that this is a place where they can learn some more about Livermore … and also come here as a place to shop or support local and see what Livermore has to offer,” Robertson said.

With this new journey, Robertson plans to keep herself focused on the task at hand.

“I think that I’m very strong-willed and whenever I want something, I go for it and I don’t give up,” Robertson said. “I think that’s just kind of inbred in me, so I think that’s a big part of it. But just the ongoing support from my family and citizens and friends also really keeps me going, because people wanted this in McLean County and I think McLean County needed this business as well.”

Operating hours for the store will be 2-7 pm Tuesdays and Thursdays and 9 am to 2:30 pm Saturdays.

For more information on RiverTown Market, visit facebook.com/marketrivertown or call 270-499-0561.

Freddie Bourne, fbourne@mcleannews.com


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