84 percent of sunflower oil imports in 2021 came from Ukraine

In total, the Netherlands imported more than 2 billion euros worth of goods from Ukraine in 2021. No less than 1.8 billion euros (88 percent) was for agricultural products. For the Netherlands, crude sunflower oil and maize are the most important products coming from Ukraine. Last year, the import value of both products was equally high and together they accounted for 52.5 percent of total imports from Ukraine. Colza and rapeseed are good for 17 percent of the import value. The category other agriculture (19 percent) includes products such as chicken meat and soybeans.

With an import value of 1.8 billion euros, Ukraine was the tenth largest origin country for agricultural products in 2021. The bulk of agricultural imports comes from Germany, Belgium, France and Brazil. Russia is the 44th largest supplier of agricultural goods.