Wildfires can be dangerous for livestock

Livestock caught in the path of the recent wind-swept fires across the state of Texas could suffer death, severe damage from burns and smoke inhalation.

Smoke from fires can cause breathing problems for cattle, even if they are not actually caught in the fire. Texas AgriLife Extension Service personnel advises cattle owners to have their animals checked out by a veterinarian. The Texas Forest Service has responded to fires that have burned more than 60,000 acres in our area.

While many structures have been protected and some lost, the untold number is the number of livestock injured and dead in the wake of the fire. Locate them, provide adequate nutrition and then consult your veterinarian, according to the Extension Specialist.

If they can be moved to unburned ground, it is best. Get them to fresh water and then rotate their feeding area to prevent the build-up of pathogens.”

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