When can you water in Visalia? Here’s what to know about new rules

The city of Visalia will uphold restrictions on residential and commercial watering as the San Joaquin Valley contends with a droughting drought and plummeting water table.

On Monday, the Visalia City Council reauthorized Stage 2 of the city’s Water Conservation Ordinance. That means residents may only run sprinkler systems twice weekly from March through November.

The city first adopted the Stage 2 restrictions in March 2021. Dry conditions have only amplified statewide since, with the Department of Water Resources announcing Friday that the Sierra Nevada snowpack — which provides water to roughly a third of California’s communities and farms — had measured its lowest water content since the end of the last drought in 2015.

Despite the dire water picture, city leaders and Cal Water officials — the utility that serves most of Visalia’s 140,000 residents — said people have done a good job of conserving water to date. Cal Water stressed, however, that customers should conserve as much as they can on a voluntary basis as the spring and scorching hot summer months approach.

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