New to stores, Ransom’s BBQ Sauce was created by an Oklahoman

Growing up in Tulsa, Terence Ransom loved to spend afternoons in the kitchen with his mother and grandmother making cookies. Then, as a 7-year-old, he decided that he wanted to do something different. He wanted to make homemade Chicago-style pizza.

“I always enjoyed cooking, hanging out with my mother and grandmother in the kitchen. What made this experience most enjoyable was the opportunity to put a smile on their faces when I created a dish,” Ransom said.

When Ransom started making pizza, he had no idea that in 2020 he would create a sauce that could not only be used on pizza but could also be used to marinade meat and make dressings for salads.

While he was a student at Langston University, Ransom developed the discipline, creativity and imagination to begin his career in architectural/industrial technical design. Beginning in August 2020, Ransom, who now lives in Yukon, used these same qualities to create two flavors of barbecue sauce.

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