Agrotop to Present Advanced Turnkey Livestock Solutions at VIV Europe 2022

The company will showcase its full range of solutions for livestock development projects, offering tailor-made solutions based on customer requirements and budget

UTRECHT, Netherlands, April 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Agrotop, a leading global player in livestock turnkey projects, will present a full line of innovative solutions for the poultry industry at VIV Europe 2022, which will take place from May 31 to June 2, 2022in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

The company will present solutions for livestock projects at booth 12.C021 in Hall 12.

Agrotop operates globally, offering tailor-made technologies for all climate zones, from hot tropical to the cold of Eastern and Northern Europe.

Agrotop specializes in providing turnkey solutions for integrated livestock projects. The company has accumulated vast experience in building both chicken meat (broiler) and table egg integrated projects. By working with Agrotop, a client can source all aspects of poultry integration from one source, including:

  • Poultry sheds of all types, fully equipped and controlled
  • Feed mills grain elevators and storage
  • Hatcherybuilding and equipment
  • Layer integrationegg storage and sorting
  • Slaughterhouse and further processing plant
  • Environmental and recyclingincluding rendering, water treatment and advanced compost solutions

“We are looking forward to holding face-to-face meetings with existing and future potential clients,” said Gavriel Pelleg, Agrotop’s CMO and founding partner. “VIV Europe 2022 provides us with a great opportunity to demonstrate Agrotop’s proven ability to provide tailor-made solutions for poultry growers and entrepreneurs.”

“Agrotop can design, supply and implement fully vertically integrated poultry projects or part of one. The services supplied include developing the concept, preparation of bankable business plan, assistance with raising capital, knowledge transfer and continuous monitoring.”

For livestock projects, Agrotop can design and supply:

  • Environmentally controlled pig sheds of all types
  • Turnkey dairy projects
  • Aquaculture projects based on RAS technology

One of the main advantages of working with Agrotop is that the project is designed as a whole. Risk is reduced as a single supplier is responsible for all linkages and interfaces between the component parts. Engaging one supplier such as Agrotop makes it also possible to consolidate financing.

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About Agrotop

Agrotop is a leading global player in livestock turnkey projects. The company provides a full range of services for realizing livestock and agro-industry construction projects, while focusing on its clients’ visions and maximizing their business results.

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