Ex-WWE personality is embarrassed by Edge’s RAW promo (Exclusive)

Fresh off his victory over AJ Styles at WrestleMania, Edge showed up on RAW and cut a promo explaining the motive behind his newfound alliance with Damian Priest.

Fans in attendance weren’t too invested in the promo, however, as they kept interrupting the Rated-R Superstar.

On this week’s Legion of RAW, Vince Russo revealed that he wasn’t a fan of the 11-time world champion’s “archaic” promo and wasn’t surprised that the crowd didn’t react to it positively.

Russo highlighted how fans laughed during the segment, and he personally also disliked several aspects of the angle:

“This is a perfect example of how just archaic, behind the times, stuck in the 70s, whatever you want to call it, the WWE is. Bro, you’ve got a huge star, Edge, in the ring. But Edge’s promo is so heel, 70s wrestling, ‘Look at all these sheep!’ So now, there is no heat. So, bro, they are literally making fun of you for what you’re saying. Then it gets worse when he calls them losers. And what did they start chanting? [53:12 – 54:16]

The former writer was astounded that WWE’s creative department wasn’t aware of their failures as the audience clearly rejected Edge’s explanation.

Vince Russo found it embarrassing that fans attending the shows were making fun of WWE’s outdated product and its performers.

“How does this not wake them up to make them understand, bro?” questioned Russo. “This is so stupid and so elementary, and the crowd literally on your own show; they are making fun of you, bro, because this is so stupid. You’ve got to write, bro, some type of intellectual, you know, dialogue. Something bro! When you start talking about sheep and losers, and you’ve got your own crowd making fun of you, that’s embarrassing to me, bro.” [54:17 – 54:58]

“They are not doing it because he’s a heel” – Vince Russo on how fans reacted to Edge’s promo

Russo was quick to clarify that Edge did not receive ‘heel heat’ on RAW as viewers genuinely did not care what the Hall of Famer had to say regarding his recent actions in his feud with AJ Styles.

Vince Russo noted that even an established talent like Edge couldn’t avoid the jeers and urged the promotion to create better content for its wrestlers:

“And then, bro, at some point, keep in mind, guys, this is Edge. This is not Ezekiel! At some point, they were chanting; we don’t care! Hello? Do you not hear them? Are you not listening to them, bro? What else do you want, bro?” [55:52 – 56:23]

More members are expected to join the veteran superstar’s heel stable after Damian Priest, and it seems like WWE has big plans for the villainous group on RAW.

Are you excited to see what the company’s newest faction will have to offer the following WrestleMania 38? Let us know in the comments section below.

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