AMC writes to Mumbai Police Commissioner asking him to withdraw statement made regarding medical fraternity

Association of Medical Consultants have written to the Mumbai Police Commissioner asking him to withdraw his statement made regarding the medical fraternity. The biggest association of doctors is upset with the above remark and hits back with some facts.

In a recent program held on March 27 at hotel Sahara Star, Mumbai Police commissioner Sanjay Pandey made a statement that patients were treated as a commodity by doctors and sent for “more than necessary” pathological tests at “preferred laboratories”.

“Every profession has a few black sheep. The Police Department more so . It has been proven statistically that the police department ranks second in the corruption department & doctors feature at the very bottom …. if at all. In your statement you said that people go to the doctors and the police as a last resort .This however, is not true at all. People do trust doctors more and come to us at the first symptom or sign of disease to get relief . To the police, however, they definitely go as a last resort , for fear of harassment is much more,” letter read.

“When you were on the dais as the Chief Guest , you also made a mention that unnecessary tests were done in the COVID season and that it was your personal experience that COVID could be treated by a simple Paracetamol. Wish that was true . Wish you had told the government this , so that the government would not have spent crores and crores of rupees in establishing health care JUMBO facilities & more than 1500 doctors would not have died in vain . Had only crocin been made available , we would have millions of more deaths on our hands,” letter read further.

One of the doctors said “We reiterate that , AMC shall stand solidly behind any member found to be harassed by any anti-social element , be it the police, politician or media . We shall not hesitate to go to court or suspend services till the culprit is brought to book .The medical fraternity shall now have ZERO TOLERANCE TO Unwarranted violence against its members. Withdrawal of your remarks against our profession will go a long way in reassuring the medical profession that you do recognise the tremendous contribution of doctors to society and that your remarks were inadvertently spoken.”

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Published on: Tuesday, April 05, 2022, 11:25 PM IST


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