Steelers can’t be serious if they give Matt Canada another shot as OC

Just minutes after yet another of their signature playoff exits — quick and wretched — the Steelers presented a grim tangle of conflicting emotions with no evident handle on a solution for why they haven’t won a postseason game in five years.

TJ Watt, their best player and probably the best defensive player in the league, did his practiced matter-of-fact description of a frustration that was still fresh despite a perfectly predictable smack down by the Kansas City Chiefs, who’d arranged a similar scalding only three weeks earlier.

“Happy with the way that we started,” Watt said. “Just wish we would have continued to get off the field on the third downs and help give the ball to the offense.”

Yes, but why?

Why repeatedly hand the ball to an offense that was on its way to seven first-half punts while Watt himself was scoring the only Pittsburgh touchdown, the one that briefly erected a 7-0 lead? Watt’s scoop-and-score of a Darrel Williams double-dribble in the Chiefs’ backfield was the first defensive touchdown of the season around here. No wonder it conjured the rarest of local animals, an actual first-half lead.

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