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FFA chapters will display at the Pennsylvania Farm Show the antique tractors they have spent the past several months restoring.

The tractors were made before 1975 and have internal combustion engines. FFA members were allowed to work on the restoration individually or as a chapter team.

Entrants were also required to submit short videos about their restoration. See the videos below.

Chapters will present their projects at the Farm Show on Saturday, Jan. 15. Presentations will be given on the Lancaster Farming Stage in the Giant Expo Hall.

All chapters will receive a premium of $200 from the Farm Show and $600 from Lancaster Farming and the Friends of the Pennsylvania Farm Show Foundation.

Lancaster Farming and the foundation will also give $250 and a plaque for best of show, most authentic, best video, most improved, best presentation and best record book.

The awards will be presented at 1 pm, Saturday, Jan. 15, on the Lancaster Farming Stage.

2021 Mifflinburg FFA Tractor Restoration

FFA Member Ethan Hauck’s restoration video of his International 660.

2021 Central Mountain High School FFA Tractor Restoration

The tractor had two stuck valves when it was donated by Dotterer Equipment. We loosened the valves and installed a new head gasket. Rebuilt the carburetor. Cleaned the entire chassis, Completed body work on the hood, fenders, and rims. Installed new tires donated by Titan tires. And painted the tractor.

The following students worked on the tractor:

Cody Jackson

Dakota Risshel

Ryan Coder

Ryan Hollobaugh

Adam Russo

Brad Red

Evan Wells

Lucas Porter

Donald Lugg

Austin Parks

Colton McCloskey

Chase Dunlap

2021 ELCO FFA Tractor Restoration

Although not a “nut and bolt” restoration, the tractor restoration team completed a much more intensive restoration than original planned. Every component and system of the tractor was inspected. Some original parts and systems that were in good shape remained in place.

However, many components were either fixed or replaced. The restoration process included a complete engine overhaul, rebuilding of multiple systems including the hydraulic system, mechanical linkages, clutching system, and replacing various components of the fuel and electrical systems. The final steps of the restoration included new paint for the entire tractor and reassembly.

2021 Danville FFA Tractor Restoration

1951 Farmall Super C restored by the Danville FFA Chapter, of Danville PA. Special thanks to Alyssa Bergenstock for helping to put this video together!

Danville FFA Tractor Restoration for the 2022 PA Farm Show: 1951 Farmall Super C

Team members: Tyler Arley, Katelyn Clemens, Michael Hower, Brandon Miller, Atreyu Pankotai, Luciano Spaventa, Michelle Stigerwalt, & Jesse White

Scope of the project: When the tractor arrived, the engine was seized fast due to water getting into the cylinders. We totally rebuilt the engine, and upgraded the electrical system to a 12 volt system. We rewired the entire tractor, rebuilt the carburetor, and installed a new clutch and pressure plate. We also installed new hoses and belts, as well as a new radiator and most of the gauges. The entire tractor was wire brushed clean, the tin work was straightened (especially the front grill), and the entire tractor was primed and painted. Rear tires were upgraded, and the front tires were replaced.

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