Owner of Chester’s Mopshop mentors youth, gives back to the community

Editor’s note: As part of Black History Month in February, The Repository’s weekly Business Roundup will highlight a Black-owned business in Stark County.

CANTON – It’s a clever name for a barber shop.

Chester’s Mopshop, at 2503 Harrisburg Ave. NE, might be the place to get that “mop of hair” trimmed into a nice fade.

But Nate Chester III wasn’t simply referring to hair when he named his business. For him, mop has a different meaning: Man of Purpose.

Chester learned the phrase from Sheldon L. Brown while participating in a weekly men’s group at Breath of Life Church in Canton.

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Brown urged members of the church group to be men of purpose and help others in the community. Chester started attending the church as a teen, and Brown served as his mentor.

Nate Chester III discusses his business, Chester's Mopshop, and his interest in helping Canton's youth.

Three years ago, Chester resigned as a Canton’s Ward 2 councilman because he believed he could do more — be a man of purpose — working with youth in the community.

Chester said he has mentored youth at local schools and at area detention facilities, providing free haircuts and offering advice.

“We talk about life. It’s just to help, give them some hope,” Chester said. He wants to help reduce the number of repeat offenders who find themselves mired in the juvenile court system.

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