It is named Cherye, but the Syngenta’s winter cherry tomato is 100% Sicilian

Syngenta’s variety selection activities are underway at the Research Center in Acate (Ragusa) as part of the breeding program to promote the Italian fruit and vegetable industry, a symbol of Made in Italy quality.

At the Sicilian Research Centre, we are testing varieties with specific agronomic and organoleptic properties – capable of maintaining high production standards, and be acknowledged and appreciated both in the domestic and foreign markets.

In the land where cherry tomatoes are widely grown, Syngenta developed Cherye, a winter variety for the mainstream market, 100% Made in Italy.

Recently launched, Cherye has met a positive response and is widely appreciated by cherry growers, who are thus guaranteed abundant and high quality yields. The output is further maximised by easy growing features and low management costs.

Beautiful to look at, the cluster is uniform and well-shaped with bright red fruits weighing between 18 and 25 grams. The rachis deep green color does not change throughout the supply chain process and the plant features short, regular internodes.

Cherye is the perfect answer to the needs of growers, distributors and consumers because of its excellent shelf-life, which preserves both visual and organoleptic properties all through the process, thus delivering a high-quality product that tastes great.

With Cherye, Syngenta has successfully fulfilled both quantitative and qualitative requirements with one single product, thus meeting the demands of a constantly evolving market.

“Cherye is just the latest in a number of successful new varieties, and the breeding program for the domestic market is constantly developing” says Bruno Busin, Product Development Specialist at Syngenta.

“Trials to select the best varieties for our climate and territory as well as studies to match the right rootstock to the different growing conditions are in fact being carried out at the Acate Station. Given the possibility to test the produce directly in Italy right from the Early stages of the selection process, we can speed up the time for introduction and soon new varieties will be launched with significant upgrades to the market standards.”

The demo greenhouse in Acate will be open from 21 February to 30 April for a first-hand look at Cherye and the latest novelties to be launched and introduced over the next few months, including the dedicated rootstock range.

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