Ellwood City pastor reflects on his life in the borough

ELLWOOD CITY —The Rev. Tom Clyde grew up on the North Side of Ellwood City, and treasures his memories of family and friends, and the lifestyle of being a teenager in the 1950s.

As with all the students at North Side Elementary School, he walked home for lunch and back to school, and many friendships were made on the way. Clyde remembers his teachers including Miss Wilson, Miss Battersby and Miss King, but his favorite was the principal, Josephine Hartzell.

“She would call me into her office and say, ‘Tommy, you can do better,’ and then she gave me a paddling,” he said recently.

Experience with polio

On his 8th birthday on July 9, 1941, Clyde got polio, and it affected his right arm. He recalled that they didn’t know much about treating it, and cod liver oil was the answer to most problems in the day.

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