HGTV’s Leanne Ford Unveils ‘Dreamy’ Sears Kit Home She Flipped in Her Hometown of Pittsburgh

Leanne Ford has pulled off one of her most impressive renovations yet.

The Restored by the Fords star, 40, fulfilled a longtime dream of flipping a Sears, Roebuck & Co. “kit” home in her native Pittsburgh and shared the finished product with House Beautiful.

“I think”dreamy” is really the best word to describe the whole vibe of the house,” the interior designer, who also appears on Home Again with the Fords with her brother Steve, said of the eight-month project, which she accomplished with an abundance of free time due to the pandemic and no TV crew.

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The HGTV star previously explained to House Beautiful that she “always wanted” to restore a Sears kit home, 75,000 of which were sold by the company in the first half of the 20th century, and was “so Excited” to find one in her hometown. The affordable homes were designed to be functional and easy for a contractor to assemble on the decided site.

Leanne Ford

Erin Kelly; Paul Archuleta/Getty

At her place, Ford restored the front porch to its original glory after a previous owner transformed it into a screened sitting area and uncovered the original Craftsman-style double columns that were hidden behind a wall. A neighbor whose grandmother lived there was able to provide them with all the original wicker furniture for an authentic touch.

Leanne Ford

Leanne Ford

Erin Kelly

“Opening that up was huge because it’s such a welcoming place to sit and it lets in so much more light,” Ford raved.

The designer had her work cut out for her on the second story, which had to be completely rebuilt with two bedrooms, a play room and two bathrooms, with some help from Williamson Construction. “You couldn’t even stand up on the second floor,” she explained.

“I must have spent two weeks trying to figure out how to make the second floor work,” Ford added. “We played with so much of the layout back and forth and around again. Ultimately there was no way around just kind of literally chopping off the top and raising it.”

Leanne Ford

Leanne Ford

Erin Kelly

Although she used her signature white paint for both the interior and exterior, Ford brought some warmth to the kitchen by glazing white terra cotta tiles in her home kiln.

She also removed a wall separating the kitchen and living room for a more modern open floorplan. In the kitchen, she included the Aya table from her Crate & Barrel line, which is designed to weather beautifully, in addition to two of her Ever sofas in the living room.

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The motif extended to the basement, which is the HGTV star redid with more white paint and a wall of reclaimed doors, complete with a cozy sitting area next to a long dining table for entertaining.

Ford is now planning to sell the house in all its restored glory.

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